Ceará in talks to invest R$50 million for aircraft factory

Ceará in talks to invest R$50 million for aircraft factory

aircraft manufacturer octanes plane, based in So Paulo, is studying to open a unit in the Northeast and Serra has been one of the strong candidates to take up the controversy. The company’s representatives have already visited three potential areas of the state, Sobral, Arakati and Eusebio.

The information was disclosed to Diario do Nordeste by Raimundo Gomes de Matos, planning director of the Superintendence for the Development of the Northeast (Suden), an institution sought to analyze the proposal.

According to Gomes de Matos, the company has a closed portfolio for delivery of 20 planes and initially requested support to train professionals from the Northeast and transport them to the factory in So Joo da Boa Vista (SP). Suden’s support is subject to the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) registered in the area.

“We did this job of convincing us to bring the factory here and he (Octocenes Aircraft CEO) accepted. Previously, it was considered a municipality of Campina Grande, but we had some difficulties there because the area was a state government entity. tha. , we raise awareness for coming Sierra”

Raimundo Gomes de Matoso

suden planning director

According to the estimates of the director of Sudden, an investment of approx. BRL 50 million For setting up the company, an investment that will be made from its own resources.

rated area

The area considered for factory operation in Arakati is located at the airport in the municipality, where, as of 2019, TAM Executive Aviation Base.

The location in Sobral is also the responsibility of the state government, while a private company is responsible for the third possibility, where a helicopter workshop is located.

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“He (the company representative) has his own resources. We studied the proposal and it’s financially viable. We have these places that will be negotiated with the government and city hall, but he’s private to have more options.” We’re also seeking participation,” Matos says.

Where the investment will be made, he says, should be decided in the next two months as there is already a portfolio of projects to be given.

“The fact that we have to move this factory to Syria is a very positive conversation”, concluded Suden’s director.

On the company’s website, the model available for purchase is the Cygnus, a small five-seater single engine


an octane plane

Octans Aircraft was founded in 2002 under the name Inpaer. The manufacturer works through all phases of the project from design to final assembly and delivery to customers.

In 2017, the brand was changed to Octane Aircraft following the company’s globalization strategy, which required an investment of R$80 million between 2013 and 2019. The company has already delivered around 240 aircraft.

On the company’s website, the model available for purchase is the Cygnus, a small-sized single-engined five-seater engine and IBR 2020 certification issued by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ENAC).

The platform also signifies partnerships with companies such as Eringer, Siemens and F/List in Europe, and Hartzell, Garmin, MSafe and Lycoming in the United States.

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