Celebrity star Beatles is smaller and closer than we think

Celebrity star Beatles is smaller and closer than we think

Betel nut. Betel nut. Betel nut.

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If you are experiencing a bad feeling of breathing under someone’s neck, it may be a betel nut. The infamous star – a thrilling topic Will-or-not-this-supernova discussion Earlier this year – could be much closer to Earth than we suspect.

Betel nut is a red supernatural and it is terrible compared to the size of our sun. A. Studies published in the Astrophysical Journal This week unveils some new calculations of the star’s mass and distance, and gives us an idea of ​​when the supernova is likely to move.

Speculations surrounding the Beatles’ eruption were pushed into high gear as the star went through some strange medium and bright episodes beginning at the end of the year. Scientists believe that a Dust clouds caused one of these events. “We found that the second minor incident was probably caused by a star.” Lead author Meredith Joyce, in a statement from the Australian National University (ANU) on Friday.

Using the sample, the science team tells Shing-chi Ling, co-author of Tokyo University, what is going on with the pulses, that “pressure waves – are essentially sound waves.” This activity helped researchers find out where the star is in its life cycle.

Scientists have previously estimated this to be the size of a betel-jug compared to our solar system, but a new study lowers this estimate.


As a result, the Beatles are never in danger of becoming supernovae anytime soon. It could easily have taken 100,000 years before it reached this stage. This is it According to the suggestions of other scientists.

The study also shakes our knowledge about the size of stars. “The actual physical size of Betelgeuse has been a small part of the mystery – previous studies have suggested that it could be larger than Mercury. Is 750 times the circumference of the sun. ” Said co-author Laslow Molnar Of the Conclay Observatory in Budapest.

By better dialing the size of the Beatles, the team was able to calculate its distance from Earth more accurately, keeping it about 530 light-years away, or closer to 25% than previously known. It is still enough that the earth will not be damaged by the future eruption of the Batilges.

Joyce said, “It’s still a big deal when a supernova shuts down. And it’s our closest candidate. It gives us a very small chance to study how to do it before they explode like this.” What happens to the stars, “said Joyce.

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