CEO of GameStop is fired and takes a millionaire


Astonishing appreciation of the shares of Gametop, the largest game retailer in the United States, could make the company’s chief executive, George Sherman, a millionaire. When he leaves office as part of his closing contract on July 31, the executive is expected to make $ 179 million, which includes more than one million shares.

GameStop is creating uproar on the New York Stock Exchange, with accumulated gains of 900% between January and March this year. On Tuesday, the 20th, the stock closed at $ 158.53.

Sherman should refrain from leaving his post if he exceeds the amount received by many well-known officials from a large company. ViacomCBS CEO Joseph Ianniello received $ 112.9 million and JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon received $ 107.8 million in 2019.

GameStop decided to open Sherman’s payout of performance targets and results at the start of the epidemic last year and, in compensation, offered a package of shares, which were significantly lower at the time.

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