Ceresa Forward Participation in the National Futsal League of 2022; Invest and check the details – Alexandre Mota

Serra began studies to participate in the National Futsal League;  See the details of the talk - Alexandre Mota

Board of Sierra Mention of club participation in National Futsal League (LNF) Of 2022, mainly in Brazil. As expected Northeast newspaper, Vov was invited by the unit and was likely to enter the competition in the current edition.

The tournament, which began in March, included a short preparation period for next year’s election. With more planning, the Alvinegra Dome estimates that approximately $ 2 million will be invested in assembling artists, staff and travel logistics.

The champions of the Northeast Cup and the vice-president of the Brazil Cup, the team is regarded as a reference in the field and can contribute to the decentralization of the game, which has hubs to the south and southeast. It is expected that Ceará will be the sole representative of the Northeast in the LNF.

Controversies contested by Serre since Moda’s return:

  • Sersen Championship (2019): Champion
  • Copa do Nordest (2019): Champion
  • Ceará Championship (2020): Champion
  • Copa do Brasil (2020): Runner-up

Formed in 1996, the competition follows the United States sports model, adopting the franchise. Thus, to join the LNF, it is necessary to purchase a place – either to be invited or to hire a team – always with the consent of all.

Ceará won three of the four tournaments played since 2019, when the project resumed

Natinho Rodrigues / SVM

Due to the invitation, Serra agreed to pay R $ 208 thousand three times due to registration. The process should be finalized in July, when the white document will be validated by the management group of the unit. In terms of positive results in the bureaucratic realm, Vove will be in the Brazilian Futsal elite in 2022.

The landscape is one of celebration at the dome of Ceará. With only a two-year project, the team achieved national attention and had the opportunity to act in front of the best Brazilian teams, breaking the historic paradigm as being the first Northeast registered on the circuit.

For 2021, the fixed income is $ 700 thousand. The team has held six contests for the season, defending the state and Nordestan titles.

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Ceará calendar in Futsal in 2021:

  • Koopa Wojo (one state team + two from outside the state): June
  • Serra State Cup: February to April.
  • Ceará Championship: April to October.
  • Brazil Cup: August
  • Brazil Cup: September to December
  • Northeast Cup: October

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