CES 2022: Biowearable will allow users to measure their health and prevent diseases

CES 2022: Biowearable will allow users to measure their health and prevent diseases
Through Abbots lingo people will be able to measure their health and prevent diseases (Photo: Europa Press)

not only Humanoid robot like America was present in CES 2022Cause others shine too technological developments such as bio-chemical, is totally focused on taking care of the health of its users comprehensively to prevent various diseases.

during the technology fair Abbott, The company responsible announced that it is working on the development of a new New range of bio wearable consumer devices called Lingo, which is being designed to track key signals in the body, such as glucose, ketones and lactate, to help people better understand their overall health and take action.

“Technology gives us the power to digitize, decentralization and democratization of healthcare, Build a shared language between you and your doctor, and put more control of your health in your own hands,” said company president Robert B. Ford.

These devices are designed to translate body language into actionable data, he explained, to help users track and measure their overall health and well-being. “The sensor technology is being designed to track vital signals in the body such as glucose, ketones and lactate, and it could one day even be used to track alcohol levels.”

Abbott Laboratories President and CEO Robert Ford at CES 2022 (Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus)
Abbott Laboratories President and CEO Robert Ford at CES 2022 (Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus)

He claims that this “A window into your body”, and access medical science anytime Knowing what the body says and what is needed at the time allows health to be actively managed.

The company also noted that it is designing the lingo measure other biomarkers Beyond glucose in the future. “A ketone device is being developed to continuously track ketones, see how quickly you are entering ketosis, and understand what is keeping you there by providing information on diet and weight loss. ”

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In addition, they are developing a Biodegradable Lactate Products To track the continuous accumulation of the same during practice, which can be used as an indicator of sports performance.

For the presentation of the development of bioviable, Tyrone joined Morris, a heart failure patients Those who were given six months to live shared their story of overcoming obstacles with the help of three different Abbott devices: the HeartMate 3, CardioMEMS, and an implantable defibrillator. Today, Morris owns a food truck and barbecue catering business in Humble, Texas, where he specializes in low-sodium cuisine.

People in the gym (Photo: Reuters / Heo Ran)
People in the gym (Photo: Reuters / Heo Ran)

On January 10 to inspire people to reach their fitness goals Apple adds collection and running time to its Apple Watch, which they assure, have been created so that anyone can take advantage of it.

Apple Fitness+ becomes like this First Sports and Wellness Service Fully based on Apple Watch by Cupertino company.

“We know that with the start of a new year many people look for new ways to achieve their goals. New additions, Fitness + “With the most comprehensive collection of high-quality, diverse content to train your mind and body, it becomes even easier to stay invigorated and live wherever you are,” said Jay Blahnik, Apple Fitness Technologies vice president. ,

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