Chadwick reiterates transphobic idea and supports banning trans women in sport

Chadwick reiterates transphobic idea and supports banning trans women in sport

Chadwick comments on controversial issue ahead of Silverstone race

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Jamie Chadwick agrees with Caitlyn Jenner, the owner of Jenner Racing – her W Series team – affiliated with Trans and Farthest in the United States, on the participation of trans women in the women’s sport. Britain, who competes at the British GP at home this weekend, defended the idea – not proven – that a trans woman’s physical characteristics could be a problem for other competitors.

“Caitlyn” [Jenner] “Certainly in a better position to talk about it than I or most of us,” Chadwick said in an interview with The Telegraph. But I can understand what he means. Caitlyn is trans, but someone who has grown into a man as muscular. So if she was born a woman she is much taller and wider than her. Its main line is to protect the women’s game and I agree with that.”

“Obviously, this is a complicated debate,” he argued. “I believe that everyone should have a chance to compete in the sport. It is a form of escape for many people and it should not be exclusive, it should be an opportunity for everyone. How to manage it done, luckily it’s not my job. The game is slightly different, in the sense that women and men are able to compete against each other. So, in theory, it shouldn’t affect us”, he admitted. .

Although she hasn’t claimed a spot in F2 or F3 after winning last year’s W Series, Chadwick remains dominant in 2022 – she won all three of her races – and she still continues to lead the women’s category to reach high dreams. wants to use as a platform for in the world. Motorsport.

Jamie Chadwick was the legendary two-season champion of the W Series (Photo: W Series)

When asked whether the sport should be “open” to all, Chadwick quickly argued that it was. However, he still admitted that he has doubts about whether building muscle mass gives men a competitive advantage.

“Motor racing, in the letter of the law, allows men and women to compete equally. But it is still a very physical sport,” he acknowledged. “Of course, it’s a sport where you have to reach a certain physical level. Above that level, in theory it shouldn’t matter – unlike boxing or track and field – but you have to reach that level first.” . If women can reach that level at this point, I don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

“I believe it is possible,” he said. “Looking at Suzy Wolff, a woman who has recently driven a Formula 1 car, her experience suggests that it should be possible,” he explained.

Jamie highlighted the fact that both Formula 3 and Formula 2 do not use power steering – which requires little effort to turn the wheel – while F1 does have this feature. Thus the question of strength would naturally pose a challenge to the lower class. However, Chadwick prefers not to express opinion and really wants to test himself on the track, to find out if it is possible to make the long-awaited leap.

For this weekend’s race, Chadwick has already secured pole (Photo: W Series)


“It’s something unknown,” he admitted. “I need to test and see how strong I need to be and if it’s possible in a short amount of time. We need to get the data driving. It doesn’t make sense to think, ‘Train as hard as I can and I can’t drive”, he said.

“I need to look at the data and figure out how strong I need to be, then I’ll know if it’s possible,” he said. “If not, what are the alternatives? It’s not all about the power steering. They can change the setup of the car, they can change a lot of things. But having this conversation… I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.” has happened,” he said.

Finally, the current W Series leader revealed some conversations he had with Formula 1 drivers after the first race of the category in Miami, which left competitors fatigued and several body aches from the Florida heat. In this way, Chadwick pointed out that women do not fall short in terms of endurance and even designed the scenario of female dominance in future endurance.

“You have to understand the forces, such as in the neck, for example. F2 is a step up, and F1 is again a big step up in terms of those forces”, he conceded. “Talking to some F1 drivers in Miami, they seemed pretty broken after the race. But I think it’s a bit of cardiovascular endurance, something that women are on par with. I think that’s a point. is going to be where women start outperforming men in endurance”, he said.

“So I get it now. I don’t have an answer right now, but I’m in a position where I can start asking these questions.”

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