Champion for the U-23 national team, Marcio Henrique trains in the United States with a look at the 2023 NBA Draft

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With Franca being the champion of the NBB season and a solid performance for the Brazilian team in the Global Jam, the under-23 tournament in which Brazil defeated the United States last Sunday to win the title, Marcio Henrique Headed straight to Las Legas. Brazilians will stay there till the 19th, training here Impact Basketball AcademyJoe specializes in developing athletes for the NBA and works with stars such as Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry, and Jaylen Brown.

The project conceived for the 19-year-old along with his staff is to prepare him for the 2023 NBA Draft. “I want to develop and improve my game during this training period. I know that Impact is a great academy that has developed great athletes. For the NCAA and NBA. It will increase my level of preparation for the next season” , Marcio said. “It’s very important because training with the best athletes in the world will let everyone know where I am and where I can go.”

Marcio is represented by Francergio Bastos, Guilherme Pastor and Daniel Nobrega and according to them, the training period in the United States is the beginning of a journey that could end in his entry into the NBA.

“It is very important that he can train at a high level, with athletes being tested day in and day out, whoever wants to be drafted,” explained Francario. “Marcio is a young man of great talent, but we know that, like any young athlete, there are points necessary to develop and mature”, Guilherme reinforced. “We saw that he made an impression (with the selection) and it reinforced the importance of this training period in Las Vegas,” said Daniel, who is with Marcio in the United States.

For the national team, Marcio played well, especially his performance against the United States. In the final, the winger recorded a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds. “It was a completely different experience, being able to have this visibility in an international tournament, I believe, was great to learn. Facing the athletes listed for the NBA, the different types of sports. styles, and this positive pressure to represent our country”, rated the player. , who praised the work of Tiago Splitter.

The current Brooklyn Nets assistant coach, the former national team player made his head coach debut at Globe Jam. “Working with an idol is a privilege. A unique opportunity, being even more professional is what he is. As an athlete he played at the highest level for a long time and was an NBA champion. Now as a coach he is Doing a great job in the Brooklyn Nets and in selection too. It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with one of the top names in our game.”

As the focus is on the 2023 draft, Marcio returns to Franca for another season as he completes the training period in Las Vegas. In the last one, he was the NBB champion with an average of 8.1 points and 4.4 rebounds. “It will be a season with high potential. Coach Helinho has been giving me opportunities for a while now and I believe I can continue to be important in the team,” he said.

“It was a magical season. In addition to spending more minutes on the court, I felt even more confident. I feel I have grown physically and mentally after winning an NBB, a historic title for Franca City. Short career span brings great responsibilities, in continuity of work. But they are great responsibilities”, said Marcio, who is from Trus Coracos (MG) in the same city where Pele was born.

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