Champions of the second leg of the One Hundred World Series in Portugal

The Doro Paiva World Series, in the Sinfe region, ended this Sunday (3) with the arrival of the winners of the 100 miles and 100 km of the second leg of the One Hundred World Series and 45 km of World Mountain Running Rankings (WMRA) . Also known as National Trail and Ultra Endurance XL champion of the Portuguese Trail Running Association (ATRP).

Ultramarathoner Douro runs through one of the 100-mile stretches of Paiva, the second stage of the One Hundred World Series (Photo by Matias Novo/Disclosure)

Ultramarathoner Douro runs through one of the 100-mile stretches of Paiva, the second stage of the One Hundred World Series (Photo by Matias Novo/Disclosure)

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In the 100 miles, the champion was Hugo Gonsalves, with a time of 17:54:45:677. In women, Sofia Roquet won with a time of 23:38:47.620. Overall by the ATPR teams, the title went to Olimpico Viennese, with a total of 10 points.

Trail lovers follow the stage live broadcast of the One Hundred World Series

This year, after two years of canceled editions, the acclaimed Douro Paiva Trail Race returns with a new outfit. One Hundred achieved the race in 2021, joining the Douro scenario in the first 100 mile and 100 km ultra trail world competition – the One Hundred World Series. Among the innovations, we highlight the live broadcast of the event of all athletes and GPS tracking technology so that the public can follow the course of the event minute by minute.

Hugo Gonsalves, national champion of Ultra Endurance XL and winner of the One Hundred Doro Paiva World Series 100 miles, highlights this: “As an athlete, I always look for the most enchanting challenges. One Hundred Douro Paiva World Series Completed all Requirements: Defeated Champion National Ultra Endurance XL, and was part of the One Hundred World Circuit! After a great start in Vila Nova de Gaia and 160km of road and trails, on arrival in Cinfães after 17h54m The prize was a great party.”

‘All the training and all the pain was worth it’

Sofia Roquette didn’t fail to stress the process of running the 100 miles: “It’s 160km challenging body and mind. I believe in my chest that in the end, all the training and all the pain was worth it!”

“The Douro Paiva World Series is a race that has everything in mountain racing for context. In this first edition we had over 200km of trails, with six different races in three starting places, all ending in Cinfães in cash. were definitely the most ultra trail events in the world, and we introduced high-quality live streaming that allowed thousands of people to follow the event live”, said race director Pedro Conde, “Since the trails were some of the most scenic and difficult, through rivers and historic villages in the region, in truly unprecedented places. There were conditions that certainly did not go as planned, and we analyzed from all those present, athletes, teams and spectators and receiving opinions, so that everything can be improved in the next editions of the Doro Paiva World Series. I thank all the athletes, institutions and friends who were present, and we hope to be at Synfez in 2023 They will be welcomed again.”

other champions

100 km – Men: With Nuno Silva, 10:45:04:493. Feminine: with Vera Bernardo, 1:35:04:160;

45 km (WMRA World Circuit) – Men: With Germano Ferreira, 4h01m00s507. Feminine: With Sandra Ferreira, 4h48m05s147;

31 km (National Trail Championship – ATRP) – Men: With Bruno Silva, 2h26m30s130. Feminine: With Inus Marks, 2h55m07s670. General Team: Farfor Running Project (1 + 6 + 20 = 27 marks). Women’s Team: Farfor Running Project (7 + 8 + 16 = 31 points).

Applications are open for 2023

Cinfães was the stage of three days of intense competition, where over a thousand athletes showed their potential in contention for the title of champion of the respective distance and championship. Registration for the Doro Paiva World Series 2023 is now open.

The next leg of the One Hundred World Series will take place from August 19 to 21 in Big Bear Mountain, California, United States. This will be the final qualifying round for the Grand Finals of the One Hundred World Series in Abruzzo, Italy this October. This third and final stage as well as the Grand Final will be broadcast live on the organization’s YouTube channel, One Hundred TV, giving thousands of viewers around the world a unique opportunity to watch the events without leaving home. (Yuri Toti)

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