Chargers 20 Saints 10: Second Half Game Thread

Chargers 20 Saints 10: Second Half Game Thread

Saints kick off, Chargers Start at 15. They run. Defended by the pass Damrio Davis. 3 and 8. Justin Herbert The first tries to lift it with his legs and refuses. Chargers Pants

Calway returns it at 47. Latavius ​​Murray runs for 7. Alvin Camera got first and more. Murray picked up 4. Saints on Chargers 36. The screen of the room taught him but he catches it for damage. Third and 11. Room throws the next screen. Saints pants.

Chargers start at 20. Crowd for Chargers 7. Another crowd for 1. Embarrassed Tuttle The next crowd stops short of the teaching line. To Hebert Keenan Allen 44. Rush for small profits. Delayed handoff leads chargers to saints 20. For rush 3. Incomplete. 3rd and 7th Time Chargers I agree with Sean Payton I don’t think his time is up. Herbert joins the runners Allen For TD. The extra point is no good. 7-0 Chargers

Saints begin at 22. The room just barely passes. For the dead 1. third and 9. Emmanuel Sanders 1 to 37. Tesom Hill Pass thrown Tesom Hill Throws a pass from the bridge. Third and 10. incomplete. Saints pants.

Fair catch. Chargers’ ball at 17. Hebert is deeply incomplete. It was as if the saints had fled with PI. Illegal shift on chargers denied. Third and 12. Herbert fired by Trey Hendrickson. Pants.

Calleway is back at 48. Breeze for the dead 10. Murray picked up Breeze for 3. 3 and 3 to 3. Trey Quan Smith. Tesom Hill In QB and does not pick up 1. Will Lutz kicks on the field for the Saints 7-10 points to the Chargers first.

Chargers start at 25. Failed by chargers. 5. Complete loss from 5 Hebert Hunter Henry. 3 and 6. Cameron Jordan And the team to dismiss Hendrickson’s team. Chargers Pants Private kicker on the kicker gives new sets of chargers down. I don’t agree with that flag. Hebert 47 was perfect for another first. Herbert meets the saints deeply 4. First and foremost. To Hebert Mike Williams, T.D. The extra point is good. 13-3 Chargers.

Saints start at 25. Bryce dirt ball due to coverage. Avoids sacking. 9. Congratulations to the third and 1. Fullback Michael Burton is denied. Saints pants.

Fair catch of chargers at 20. 2. By Crime 2. Screen chargers for illegal block backgrounds 10. Second and 19. 9. Rush for third and 10. The charger is small and mandatory.

Callaway returned to midfield. The imposition of fines on saints up to 14 supports this. Bama hands over the room that should have lost the yard but then he manages to get 6. Third and 4. Reaver-throwing berries are stopped and almost returned for TD.

Chargers first and round 1. Sheldon Rankins Dismiss Hebert at 9. 9. Third and reach the goal. To Hebert Henry For TD. The extra point is good. 20-3 chargers.

Saints start at 25. Benny Fowler first for the room crowd.5. Breeze is the base of the ball. Second and 10. Another low ball of Bryce rises. 4 Breeze is the target of the room, behind him, and he can’t get into it. Saints Punt. Morstead is getting a workout this week.

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Ball on Chargers 18. Half to 2:30. Chargers rush for damage. Chargers 2. Crowds for the third and 12th. Hebert under pressure, incomplete. Chargers pants

Calleway 49. 2 minutes back on the alert. Half to 1:59. The saints need something to happen here. They get to start the second half. Benny Fowler throws a good pass from Bryce. Chargers extend the room to 36. 27 Calway’s acquittal Sanders To 17 Sanders 6. First and foremost. Sanders acquitted. TD has reversed. Target and inch. Turn on the facemask Tesom Hill Not called. That QB hid by Bryce, T.D. The extra point is good. 20-10 chargers. Half to 14 seconds.

The chargers raised it to 17. Hebert took a knee. Half time.

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