Check out the revelations of the 2020 Brazil Championship

Check out the revelations of the 2020 Brazil Championship

In the epidemic season, Brazilian clubs had to resort to their young talents more than ever. He replaced more experienced athletes during countless injuries in the midst of the Kovid-19 outbreak or even when the tight schedule led to rotation in the Roosters. This unfavorable scenario allowed many to shine and, in some cases, to become heroes of their teams. The highlights of the harvest have been collected in this ranking of Brasileiro 2020’s biggest revelations prepared by the GLOBAL sports team.

Nothing ranks first on the list, being the only lineman who already has a stint with the main Brazilian team. Gabriel Menino, a highlight of Palmyras, was impressed by his versatility and was called up by coach Tait for the first two rounds of the World Cup qualifiers.

Hugo Neneca of Flamengo, who finished fourth in this ranking, has also been called upon to defend Brazil, but always belongs to a third young goalkeeper as part of Tite’s initiative.

– We want a series of personal and technical information about Gabriel Menino. He is playing in the central region of Palmyras, but is also being used on the side. At the base, they also formed their own lateral form. It is a talent emerging in an important position – justified the selection coach.

At the middle or edge, Menino stood out for the quality of his passes and ability to leave his teammates in scoring position. He was the third player on the Palmiras team with the most minutes on the pitch this season, behind only goalkeeper Waverton and Paraguay defender Gustavo Gomez. The young man was also the team’s first player to assist in the Brazilian Championship (six).

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Other highlights

But Gabriel Menino is not the only synergy in a list from São Paulo (six out of ten). Patrick de Paula and Gabriel Vernon, two other Libertadores champions, distinguished the club with the most representatives in this ranking. Other locations on the podium, however, are from São Paulo Brenner and Colorado Yuri Alberto.

The tricolor striker had a great final stretch of 2020. Between October and November, he scored nine goals in seven matches. And, in a championship in which São Paulo Fernando Díniz came to open the fat in the lead, he made a powerful attacking pairing with Luciano: 29 goals in Brasileiro, 11 of which were scored by the youngster.

Such an attraction makes Brenner the only one on this list who has flown to an international career. Just before the end of the season, Sao Paulo announced the sale of the striker to FC Cincinnati, the MLS club of the United States League.

Yuri Alberto, in turn, shone in the surprise runner-up at International. According to the website GO, published by Santos, the striker ended up at the club for $ 10 million. He also debuted with Eduardo Caudette, however, becoming the more top scorer in the final stretch of the tournament, with Abel Braga leading the team. Brazil had 10 goals.

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Voting criteria

Menino ranks fourth to lead the ranking of GLOBO Revelations published since 2017. The first was chosen, in order, midfielder Arthur (at Grazmio and today at Juventus-ITA), center forward Pedro (ex-Fluminense, today). Flamengo) and Michael Bindu (the main attraction of Goise, also currently in Rio de Janeiro).

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To be eligible, the player must be 21 years of age (this season, due to a change in calendar, the reference year was 2020), played at least one-third (13) of his team’s matches in the Brazilian Championship and not the tournament. Regularly participated in the second edition of.

These criteria left the midfielder Claudinho, from Bragantino, the main surprise of the last championship, which is 24 years old. Red-black João Gomes and black-white Matthews Nacimento did not reach the minimum number of matches and will be eligible for next season.

In addition to the top 10, others were mentioned: Ebner (Athletico-PR), Bruno Gomes (Vasco), Kalegari (Fluminense), Christian (Athletico), Danilo (Palmiras), Juninho (Vasco), Leo Chu (Ceara) . Natanael (Coritiba), Prixdes (Inter) and Sandri (Centos).

(Bernardo Coomera, Bruno Marinho, Carlos Eduardo Mansoor, Igor Sikira, João Pedro Fonseca, Marcello Neves, Rafael Oliveira, Renato di Alexandrino, Tatiana Fiodo and Vittor Seta voted.)

Remember the year of 2019 revelation


Chosen by the Brazilian revelations of 2019, Michael left Goise, the club for which he was Goa’s top scorer and featured in Serie A for Flamengo in early 2020. The sixth-largest investment in the history of the Red-Blacks, who distributed 7, 5 million euros (about $ 36 million at the time), the striker barely paid: he scored just one goal in 23 matches at the new club.

Shapes the magno

At the age of 18, Tales Magno has already experienced the ups and downs of her career. Dribbling and prominently in the Base Brazilian team, the striker fell from production at Vasco, demoted for the fourth time to Serie B. The Maltese Cross is in a hurry to sell it, so as not to run the risk of seeing the jewelry of the base. Faithful. In the Brazil Championship, he had three goals and one assist in three games.

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Matthias Heinrich

Finishing third in the final rankings, the midfielder has extensive experience at the age of 23: nearly 100 matches for Gremio, three titles in the Gaucho Championship, calls for the under-23 team and even for the main team . Today, he tries to take advantage of Gremio in the final of the Brazil Cup against Palmiras. He started most Brazilians with two goals and one assist.

Other players

In other revelations, only Jean Pierre, Grasmio, was not negotiated. Reynier was sold by Flamengo to Real Madrid (he is in B. Dortmund). Marcos Paulo is leaving Fluminense and has a prior contract with Atlético de Madrid. João Paulo left the tricolor for Watford. Antony went from São Paulo to Ajax. Pepsi remains at Gremio, but has already held talks with Porto. Artur went to RB Bragantino from Bahia.

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