Children in Need – Alive: Danny Dyer Hosts East Anders Special Wall

Children in Need - Alive: Danny Dyer Hosts East Anders Special Wall

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Children in need are screened for a three-hour charity fundraiser tonight.

Home viewers can expect to enjoy musical performances, comedy sketches and the premiere of the star-studded Children in Need Charity single.

This is all done to raise money for disadvantaged children across the UK at a time when they need it most.

Follow our live blog for all the latest updates and comments on performances, skits and special moments.


And… I’m crying Brian Pitt has been given the Fundraiser of the Year award, which he had no idea he was receiving tonight. He has been raising funds for needy children for 30 years and has made 30,000. Wow.

There are some noise issues and Stephen Mangan asks if Brian lives with a sound engineer who the studio operators think of. very much Funny. A bit of a weird ending, but what a good moment.

Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 21:22


BBC One sitcom King Gary is here with a special episode. He is raising money for needy children and is currently accusing Romesh Ranganathan of not applauding the NHS enough and of “refusing to donate”. At least he gets paid without contact.

Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 21:15


There is an energy content in MailGidroick that I can really relate to right now. He is very eager to be out of the house and who can blame him ?!

Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 21:08


Raisin O’Connor13 November 2020 21:03


Danny Dyer is bringing his East Anders Custom – describes it as a “proper geyser” for a game show The wall For the Walford-themed quiz. Has Danny Dyer ever felt more like Danny Dyer?

Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 21:01


This is the “Stop Crying Stop Your Heart” video and what a line it is! The chair is roaming in a garden! Jamie Kullam is playing a piano with Pudsey on it! Robbie Williams is wearing a hat!

Look at that hat!


Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 20:58


Oh yes Strictly Kids of the Need Dance Challenge have been on all social media and it’s a finished product!

We’ve got strictly 2020 contestants and public dances on “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, a song I haven’t heard in a while but can confirm that it’s still a huge bop.

You can check out the 12 most memorable collections we’ve ever had Strictly Moments of all time here.

Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 20:45


The need for children began in 1980, when Stephen … I’m honestly just impressed.


Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 20:43


Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 20:41


We’re in over 98 minutes and we get our first total: 18,459,803 spent!

Mel Gidroick and Stephen Mangan are handling the presentation, so it’s goodbye to Alex and Chris. What a boy!

Isobel Lewis13 November 2020 20:39

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