Israel confirmed to investigate espionage remains Eli Cohen – 03/09/2021

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Jerusalem, 9 March 2021 (AFP) – Israeli spy works to find and recover the remains of Eli Cohen, on whose story a successful Netflix miniseries was based, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed it on Tuesday.

Eli Cohen has been seen as a protagonist in the series “The Spy”, starring actor Sacha Baron Cohen in 1965 in Syria after infiltrating power circles in Damascus.

In the summer of 2018, the Israeli secret services confirmed that, in a special operation in an “enemy country”, a watch worn by Eli Cohen and which was part of his “false Arab identity” was recovered. In recent weeks, information has surfaced about talks between Israel and Russia, a country close to the Syrian regime, about other personal items to Israel and even the remains of the spy.

Asked by international network I24 News in Tel-Aviv whether “efforts” were being made to find the remains of Eli Cohen, Netanyahu said it was true. He said, “We are determined to bring all our soldiers killed in the war (…). We are in Russia for our privileged contacts with President Vladimir Putin of Zakrami Bommel (reported missing in 1982). Brought the remains of, ”he said. “And we continue to work on Ellie Cohen.”

Netanyahu said, “I recognize that my personal relationship with Vladimir Putin is an important strategic issue for Israel.”

According to the UK-based NGO Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), “Russian forces worked to rebuild the graves at the Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmuk, south of Damascus, in February in search of two Israeli soldiers and remains. Famous Detective Ellie Cohen “.

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