La Casa de Papel marks 5 years since debut and fans regret the series’ end

La Casa de Papel marks 5 years since debut and fans regret the series’ end

Vittoria da Conquista, May 2, 2022, by Patricia Chaves – premiered exactly 5 years ago la casa de papelle Feather Netflix. One of the most watched series on the platform. In the following years, 4 more seasons were released and, to the dismay of many fans, the series ended in the 5th final season last year. See more at emmysmt,

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Faced with the news that . will not have a sixth season la casa de papelle, fans mourn but celebrate the success of the series and even its first anniversary. Produced by Alex Pina, the series is directed by Alejandro Bazzano, Alex Rodrigo, Javier Quintas, Jess Colmener and Miguel ngel Vivas.

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“La Casa de Papel” has an intelligent script, good direction, and excellent actors.

The series follows eight skilled thieves who lock themselves in a Spanish mint with an ambitious plan to carry out the biggest heist in history and take with them more than 2 billion euros. To do so, the gang must deal with dozens of people it has taken hostage, as well as agents from the elite police force, who will do anything to thwart the criminals’ attack.

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The plot of La Casa de Papel made its mark on Netflix with certain features, such as the famous red uniform and mask of Salvador Dalí, characters named after countries such as Tokyo, Berlin and Nairobi; The iconic dialogues and phrases, along with many other features, have helped make it one of the most loved series across the globe.

Plus, a big part of what makes La Casa de Papel so appealing is the excellent performances by top artists. Each actor brings intensity and flavor to his role. As such, it’s impossible not to fall in love with each thief with their fascinating and remarkable stories.

La Casa de Papel. Each season marked different scenarios

Each season had its own trademark. Interesting that. full first season of la casa de papelle Filming was done in Madrid, Spain, but subsequent episodes took place in 300 locations in six other countries: Denmark, Italy, Panama, Portugal, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

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