China has hoisted its Communist flag on the moon

China has hoisted its Communist flag on the moon

A. Chinese Spacecraft Moved from The moon On Thursday, leaving signs of their journey on the surface of the moon.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chuang tweeted pictures of the country’s flag hoisted on Chang, while Chang wished the 5th ship a safe return.

Chang 5’s unmanned mission was the latest in a series involving Chinese lunar exploration. Departing with the weight of the moon’s rocks, the mission presented the first time a spacecraft had attempted to return sandalwood samples since the Soviet Union did so in the 1970s.

NASA Associate Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen congratulated China on its landing on Tuesday.

Jubuchen tweeted, “Congratulations to China on the successful landing of Chang 5.

Moon Silence is preparing to return rock samples to Earth

The tweet continued: “This is not an easy task. When the samples collected on the moon are returned to Earth, we hope that everyone will benefit from being able to study this precious cargo that is an international science.” Can move society forward. “

NASA tweeted in November that it hoped China would share data with the global scientific community to improve our understanding of the moon, as our Apollo missions did. [sic] Artemis will program. “

The return of Chang 5 will hit the grasslands of Inner Mongolia around mid-December, where the Chinese manned Shenzhou spacecraft made its return when China first launched a man into space in 2003. China is only the third country to put man in space following Russia and the United States.

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Chang 5’s mission has revived the idea of ​​sending a crude mission to the moon to China and possibly building a scientific base there, although no timeline has been proposed for such projects.

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China also launched its first temporary orbiting laboratory in 2011 and the second in 2016. Plans call for a permanent space station after 2022, possibly to be serviced by a reusable spacecraft.

While China is expanding cooperation with the European Space Agency and others, talks with NASA are severely limited by concerns about the secrecy of the Chinese space program and its close ties with the country’s military.

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