China made a historic start

China made a historic start

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– China continues to flex its space muscles. On Tuesday, it fired a rocket into the area scheduled for an early mission to the moon early next week, reports said. A.P.. Long March 5 will hold Chang 5, which aims to bring rocks and other materials from the moon – the first time humans have done so in more than 40 years, per Nature. The mission calls for digging the moon lander part of Chang 5 about 7 feet below the surface and retrieving what it finds. This complements a 2019 mission in which China Became the first nation To land a rover on the shore of the moon.

“Taking it to the next level to return samples from the moon is an important technical ability,” says Caroline Van Der Bogart, a planetary geologist at the University of Monster. China currently has a mission to Mars. An analysis of the soon-to-be-recovered lunar rocks could answer questions about the moon’s evolution and perhaps even shed light on the planets. Nature. As for the first lunar mission, the Chinese rover continues to send back photos, and Have fresh.

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