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A camera taken from China’s Tianvin 1 spacecraft on its way to Mars captured this view of deep space exploration. Credit: China National Space Administration

China’s space agency has released images captured by a small camera extracted from the country’s first Mars-based spacecraft, showing a deep space probe as it completed half of its seven-month journey from Earth to the Red Planet. Is close

Pictures released by China’s National Space Administration on October 1 show the Tiananmen I spacecraft passing through the blackness of space. Tienwen deployed a small camera to take a self-portrait as it moved away from the marshy.

Two wide-angle lenses on the deployable camera were programmed for one image per second. The images were sent back to Tiananmen via a wireless radio link, then linked to ground teams in China.

In the pictures, the Tianvan 1’s solar array wing and bowl-shaped high-gain transmission antenna are clearly visible. The white part of the spacecraft’s mission entry is the Modi and L and summer shield, which is a Chinese rover designed to land on Mars and explore the surface.

A red Chinese flag is also visible on the spacecraft. The images were released in conjunction with China’s National Day holiday, marking the 71st anniversary of the Communist regime. On the occasion of.

The robotic Tianwein 1 spacecraft launched on July 23 on the Long March 5 rocket, the most powerful launcher of the Chinese fleet. So far, the probe has conducted two mid-course refinement exercises that accurately plot the orbit of Mars, establishing a critical irritation to enter the orbit around the Red Planet in February.

A camera taken from China’s Tianvin 1 spacecraft on its way to Mars captured this view of deep space exploration. Credit: China National Space Administration

Once circling, the candidate will survey the landing sites for two to three months before releasing the Tiananmen 1 astronaut lander and rover and enter Martin’s atmosphere.

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If China plans to do so, it will make China the third country to make a soft landing on Mars, after the Soviet Union and the United States – and the second country to launch a robotic rover on Mars.

The Tiananmen 1bit Rabbiter, which will continue its mission after the release of Lander and Rover, is designed to run for at least one Martian year, or about two years on Earth. The solar powered rover, equipped with six wheels for mobility, is at least 90 days old, Chinese officials said.

Chinese scientists say the Tianwein 1 mission will conduct a worldwide survey of Mars, measuring the composition of the Earth’s soil and rock, searching for signs of stagnant ice, and studying the Martian magnetosphere and the environment. BitRebiter and Rover will also observe Tuesday’s weather and examine the internal structure of Mars.

The Tienwen 1 mission is one of three spacecraft currently on its way to Mars. The Hopbit Rabbiter, developed by NASA’s Perseverance Rover and the United Arab Emirates, was also launched in July, and is on its way to Mars in February.

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