Chinese MFA commissioner in MSAR criticizes US over Taiwan

Chinese MFA commissioner in MSAR criticizes US over Taiwan

China’s Foreign Affairs Commissioner in MSAR once again criticized the United States over the Taiwan file. Liu Jianfa, in a published opinion article, believes that playing the “Taiwan card” in the sense of controlling China has become increasingly reckless and malicious.

China’s Foreign Affairs Commissioner in the MSAR began by noting that “181 countries, including the US, have established diplomatic relations with China based on recognition of the One China Principle”. An observation that serves for Liu Jianfa to later strongly criticize the United States. In recent years, the commissioner noted, “the US has consistently denied its concessions, bilateral consent, and its original position.”

“Such a move”, writes the representative of the Chinese MNE in Macau, “is a historic setback, which hinders China’s peaceful reunification with the Taiwan question, undermines peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and threatens Taiwan”. “Turns into Gateway – Unimaginable Plane to Involve China with the “Taiwan Issue”.

The Commissioner for Foreign Affairs then refers to the most recent decisions on Taiwan. “The United States has launched a so-called “21st century trade initiative” with Taiwan, which implicitly implies the principle of sovereignty and official status, contrary to the principle of One China”, underlines Louis Jianfa, who It also understands that this US initiative would “encourage separatists on the island and disturb peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait”.

The head of the Chinese foreign ministry in Macau admits that the Taiwan issue has been the biggest obstacle to the normalization of Sino-US relations. Therefore, he says, “the US needs to abide by the One China Principle, the provisions of the Three Sino-US Joint Communiques, and its political commitment to China on the Taiwan issue, and act in accordance with President Biden’s statement that the U. S. does not support Taiwan independence.”

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