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Chloé Zhao: Conheça a carreira da diretora de Nomadland e Os Eternos da Marvel

Chloe Zhao is one of Hollywood’s most promising directors and came to prominence with Tamming Destiny and Nomadland to lead Marvel Atternals.

Chloe Zhao is the most loved and promising director in Hollywood today, mainly due to the success of her film Nomadland – with much prominence in the awards season, becoming the first film to win the main award at the Toronto and Venice Festivals and most recently at the Globe of Gold won.

Nevertheless, another major project that attracted even more attention to the director would make The Eternal one of the most awaited films in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM). Knowing this, AdoroCinema set aside a special article to talk a little more about Zhao’s career. let’s find out!

First project

Zhao was born in Beijing as Zhao Ting. She grew up as a poor student, but her father became a senior executive in the successful steel company Shuagung Group. At the age of 14, Zhao attended a boarding school in the United Kingdom, where he learned English, but completed high school in Los Angeles, United States.

He went east to pursue graduate studies, where he studied in political science at Mount Holokay. However, in an interview with Vulture, she states that “she was more attracted to people than politics”, when she decided to study cinema at New York University (New York University).

During this period he produced several short films, such as Post (2008), Atlas Mountains (2009), The daughters (2010) – which stood out at the Short Film Awards – and Benachin (2011). For his thesis, he released the 2015 Songs My Brothers Tees Me, a native American drama that portrays modern life in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The songs nominated Zhao for the Independent Spirit Awards for Best Premiere Film.

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Golden Globe 2021: Chloe Zhao Wins Best Direction Award for Nomadland

International launch with Taming Destiny

Chloe Zhao always had a fascination with the Wild West of the United States. After living in the country as an adult, she wanted to tell stories about that part. “My life has been so fleeting and fast that when I live there it feels great, almost as time stops,” he said in an interview with Interview magazine.

With this in mind, he produced his second film, Taming Fate, 2017, which features non-professional actors playing versions of themselves – members of a Native American family who have gone through many difficulties. The main character, Brady, is a rodeo rider who is prevented from riding horses after a serious accident at the rodeo. At the very least, he learns to experience internal reflections about his identity and local culture.

Domando O Destineau debuted at the Cannes Film Festival 2017 selection of director fortnight and won the Cinema Arts Award. Zhao was also nominated for Best Director and Best Feature at the 33rd Independent Spirit Awards, in addition to being the first to receive The Independent Spirit Bonnie Award.

Significant success with nomads

Nomadland is making its way to the Oscars and stars, playing the role of a woman named Fern, who plays a woman named Fern, and restores her life as a nomad in the modern United States. Based on the name book by Jessica brother, Is a comprehensive account of contemporary nomads following the 2008 crisis, so Chloe Zhao used her knowledge of political science to create an honest picture of the socio-political situation in the United States.

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The story moves with the character as she lives a life on the road, working various jobs, meeting with other nomads and adjusting her to the “new normal”. For her, Nomadland relies on real-life nomads Linda May, Swanky and Bob Wells.

Nomaland: Meet the Golden Globe Award Winner Film

Zhao said that, along with Nomadland, she wants to make it clear that people living in a country as rich as the United States should not see nomadic life as their only option. “Obviously, politically, I think [a vida nômade] One of the richest countries in the world should have an option for people of that age, ”said Zhao that. “You should not be forced into this life.”

Nomadland received 94% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, a site that collects criticisms, unanimously: “A poetic character study of forgotten and oppressed, Nomadland beautifully captured restlessness in the wake of the Great Recession”.

Chloe Zhao is directing a great Marvel film: The Eternals

Chloe Zhao is the director of The Eternals, which will be one of 4 Marvel films to be released in 2021, and one of the most awaited projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Zhao said that the new film will be a unique experience.

“You can expect to see a new group of heroes, fall in love with them and explore a new mythology. It’s a new adventure. And it will be good. I’m very proud of it and I am very proud of the cast.” So proud. I am excited to see everyone, “said the director.

The Forever: Kevin Feige says that the new Marvel film is one of the best films he has seen

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The story will come with a group of heroes, the Ertanels, who originate from the first living beings on Earth, who are part of a race genetically modified by the space gods known as the Celestials. In addition, the production features the first gay kiss from the Marvel cinematic universe and will include the first hearing impaired superhero.

till Vanity Fair, She hired Alfonso Cuern as the director of the category she wanted to do, and said she did not necessarily plan to jump into Marvel’s sleek productions and never return to independent films. “Do I want to go back and make a film with a smaller budget than Domando Destino? One hundred percent,” he said. “If the true story comes out.”

In the future, Chloe Zhao will create a new version of Dracula in the style of futuristic sci-fi Western. One of the best names to keep an eye on in Hollywood, right?

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