Chrome 92 released with interface improvements, new privacy features, and more

Chrome 92 released with interface improvements, new privacy features, and more

Available by this Tuesday (20) Google, Chrome 92 comes with some news and features focused on privacy and security during use for users, along with a few tools aimed at productivity, counting with a number of new features in the latest browser update.

The latest update also includes some browser performance improvements and general fixes, which fix major bugs and issues reported by users. In general, version 92 has more management of site permissions and implements new quick access actions.

more security

14 July

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19 July

One of the main features coming to Chrome 92 is the possibility to follow websites, a function that allows you to receive personalized notifications and follow news published by certain web pages.

also brought latest update detection mode Phishing advanced Able to process information faster thus reducing energy consumption by up to 1.2%. With regards to security, the browser has received a “site isolation” mode that has been added to Android and loads pages in separate processes to prevent malicious websites from stealing passwords, cookies and additional data from the browser’s open tabs. is.

shortcut to search bar

This functionality allows the user to access Chrome configuration by simply entering a command or keyword in the search bar, then directed to the desired option.

While it’s not exclusive to Chrome 92 – as it can also be found in version 91.0.4472.164 – the new thing is very interesting and improves the user experience. Among the commands available are: “Manage Passwords”, “Delete History”, among others.

more sharing options

Chrome’s Sharing Hub has also received changes in the desktop version and will allow users to send the current page to other connected devices, generate QR codes, and more.

To access this tool, tap the share icon to the right of the search bar, a function that’s also present in the mobile version. browser.

In the smartphone version you can use the new customizable buttons to insert custom shortcuts, allowing you to add a button to open tabs, share pages, or enable voice search. The developer also provided a mode in which the application itself chooses which option should be set according to usage habits.

other tasks

  • New Apps API: Allows you to open open apps of sorts progressive web app (PWA) Using Chrome 92;
  • Media Session API: Allows buttons to be used in video conferencing websites/programs to be displayed in picture-in-picture (PiP) mode;
  • Memories: New way to search sites in browsing history.

update availability

Chrome 92 was officially released this Tuesday (the 20th), but not all users have received the new version of the browser, so you should wait until the update comes to everyone, something that should happen in the next few days needed.

update manually

  1. Access the menu on the right and go to ‘Settings’;
  2. Go to the ‘About Chrome’ tab on the left and check if an update is available;
  3. If there is then download and restart your browser.


Developer: Google LLC


Size: Variable

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