‘Circle of Fire’ directed by Guillermo del Toro turns 8; Check out fun facts about the production!

'Circle of Fire' directed by Guillermo del Toro turns 8;  Check out fun facts about the production!

Guillermo del Toro To One of the most celebrated and unique directors of contemporary cinema, who has already given life to many productions that have been highly praised by critics – such as ‘Water Form’, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and mini-franchises ‘Bad Boy’, Just to name a few. While we’re celebrating a title that may not be as well-known in the director’s filmography, it deserves our attention: ‘fire ring’.

Released in 2013, the story centers on a group of demons known as Kaiju who rise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to bring chaos and despair to the planet. To counter them, humanity develops a series of giant robots, the Jaegers, each controlled by two people through a neural connection. However, even the Jazzers prove insufficient to defeat Kaiju. Given this scenario, the last hope is an old, obsolete robot now commanded by an old pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and a coach (rinko kikuchio)

With a solid reception by critics, the film was praised for its visual effects and action sequences, as well as receiving commentary on its nostalgic character. lift over US$400 million at world box office, ‘fire ring’ Considered one of the great tributes to aesthetics. anime, kaiju I mecha.

To celebrate his impending eighth birthday, Cinepop separated a short list with some Backstage Trivia, which you can see below:

  • About a hundred kaijas and another hundred jaggers were made, but only a fraction of them appeared in the film. Every week, directors and producers vote for their favorites.
  • screenplay by Travis Beechma also signed graphic novel ‘Circle of Fire: Tales of Year Zero’. Released with the film, the work enters as a prelude to the main events and takes place twelve years before the original narrative.
  • Beacham got the idea for the story while walking down the California coast on a foggy morning. The shape of a wharf looked like a creature emerging from the water – and he imagined a grand robot waiting patiently to fight him.

  • Jaggers are part of Japanese anime culture, where they are commonly called mecha. Similar to productions in the genre, Jaegers are controlled from the inside by human pilots, who distinguish themselves from other images of robots, as if controlled by the outside or mind.
  • For the film, del Toro drew inspiration from paintings, which include ‘The Colossus’, from francisco goya, I “A Grande Onda de Kanagawa”, from hokusai.
  • Many countries have created their own jaggers, including: the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and many others.
  • Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Aaron Paul, luke bracey I Henry Cavill The production was supposed to play the protagonist Raleigh Beckett. Eventually the role went to Hunnam.

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  • Karloff, one of the Kaijus in the film’s opening sequence, is named after the legendary actor. boris karloff. The creature was nicknamed because its head resembles that of Imhotep, the main antagonist of the classic main ‘mother’ (1932), which was interpreted by Karloff.
  • ‘fire ring’ Dedicated to several “lords of demons”, including ray harryhausen (film animators like ‘Simbad and the Princess’) I ishiro honda (Director of ‘Godzilla’) At the end credits, del Toro also gives special thanks to names like James Cameron, David Cronenberg, alfonso cuaron I Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritus.
  • In Hungary, movie trailers could not mention the name of the main robot, Gypsy danger, because the naming is derogatory Romanian, the widest ethnic group in the country. However, the title refers to the aircraft’s engine. de Havilland Gypsy Major, not for the people in question.

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