Citigroup proceeded to sign the contract and buy the Brazilian club

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Recognized in the business world for making high investments in clubs that integrate the different continents of the planet, Citi Football Group, better known as “CityGroup”, will soon reach Brazil.

According to information received from reporter Andre Hernan, a delegation representing the company will arrive in Salvador in the coming days and meet with Bahia.

Also, according to the journalist, the contract is ready. In this sense, only the signatures of the parties are lacking.

“The city team will arrive in Salvador in the next few days to seal off Bahia! Contract ready. Bahia is living an important moment in its history!”, Hernan tweeted.

Which teams are controlled by Citigroup?

Currently, Citigroup manages 11 clubs. Manchester City is the most famous example of this.

Led by Spaniard Pep Guardiola, the English team is the current national champion and has established itself as one of the main forces in world football.

At times, Etihad Staduim’s club is one of the best in the UEFA Champions League and is close to winning the title.

The team was the runner-up and semi-finalist of the world’s main club tournaments in the last two divisions.

Overall, the list of teams managed by Citigroup includes four European, three Asian, three American and one Oceania club.

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The closest examples of Brazilian football are Bolivar (Bolivia), Montevideo City Torque (Uruguay), and New York City (United States).

See full list below:

Manchester City (England)
New York City (United States of America)
Melbourne City (Australia)
Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan)
Montevideo City Torque (Uruguay)
Girona FC (Spain)
Sichuan Jiuniu (China)
Mumbai City FC (India)
Lommel SK (Belgium)
Es Trois AC (France)
Bolivar (Bolivia)

Citigroup buys Dutch team, but supporters stop trading

Citigroup managed barely one club from the Netherlands: NAC Breda. The agreement was also announced, but the information resulted in protests.

A group of fans of the Dutch team traveled to the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City’s stadium, and carried a banner with the following message: “Stay out of our zone. NAC is not for city groups.”

Simultaneously, those responsible for the management of NAC Breda sought to raise funds from local businessmen and obtain a minimum so that the club was not dependent on outside buyers.

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