Climate and ecology: Habitat:

Climate and ecology: Habitat:

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, speaking at the Gaidar Forum, called some countries’ denial of nuclear power a propaganda through which some politicians achieve their goals. His words are reported by the correspondent of “”.

“Some countries have their own nuances, for example, Germany, which does not support nuclear power plants. But this, in my opinion, is some kind of propaganda on the part of the Saag. For them, the government’s entry on this topic This is an opportunity to do so,” said the deputy prime minister.

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“Other countries, you know, for example, this is France, where today 70 percent of the energy balance is occupied by [атомная энергетика], In the US, it takes about 20 percent like us. In China, the share of nuclear production is increasing, they are actively building,” he added, talking not about renewable energy obtained from various sources, but about the purity of its production. more correct.

In turn, the head of Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev, who took part in the discussion, continued to talk about the “global nuclear brotherhood”, of which Germany still remains a part.

December 31 in Germany closed Three of the last six nuclear power plants. The completion of the remaining three, according to the plan, should take place at the end of 2022.

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