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Clubhouse has already won a brazilian seasoning

In recent weeks, Club house, A new social network for audio-only chat, has caused widespread curiosity among many Brazilians. Previously, it seemed that it would become a venue for entrepreneurs, coaches and other visitors from the outskirts of Avenida Faria Lima, a corporate and luxurious area in São Paulo. But Brazil does not forgive seriousness. And then the service started.

Officially, the social network exists only in English. However, this did not become a hindrance to the emergence of whimsical and fun places – this is the same spice we usually add to each new service we see. We then decided to list some astronomical and funniest rooms. Club house. Before continuing, remember: Open rooms in the clubhouse are not permanent, so you may never find members on our list. Check it out:

Room to mimic pilots and air traffic control

A classic of groups of WhatsApp, It has been decided to create a room in which participants can communicate only by imitating airplane pilots and any common speech characteristics that occur during air traffic control.

Have you thought about allowing that crush to land at your home using location coordinates? Those who participated in this room were able to use this strategy.

Room to tell about your day with a sensual voice

How about going home and being able to vent about your busy day – or not – with a swarm of strangers? It sounds weird and, at the same time, liberating, right? But what if that outrage has to be voiced and you get a moan in response? This was the situation in which the participants of the most delightful rooms in the club house found themselves.

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Room to talk in whispers

For those who miss living in libraries, this room helps kill homesickness. Any slightly elevated tone that came from any participant’s microphone was quickly reprimanded by others.

The clubhouse has attracted attention from the rooms "enjoy" On network

The clubhouse has gained attention on the network with “fun” rooms

Silent room

Shh! While everyone in the upstairs room was supposed to speak very politely, not a single target sounded. In general, participants simply turn off the microphone enjoying each other’s company. Because it was on a stage designed to generate connections only through voice, the room had an aura of “against”.

Room to pretend to comment on Carnival Parade

In a year marked by lack of CARNIVAL, A sense of revelation in a room that only those who recite the Samba School Parade are able to transmit.

Room to pretend to be a pigeon

There was “Pru” here, “Pru” here and, finally, everyone flew.

Room to make hooks and agree with other participants

There was no shortage of subjects in this room. Conversations were changing and there was even a general sympathy, after all, the space was built to be a no-nonsense agreement.

Room to pretend to be a senior confused by technology

It wasn’t enough for the group Facebook, Club house users were also required to make a version of this pearl. When it was written it was already good, and even more interesting thing happened – that some elderly people are not aware that people there are copying them. Amen.

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