CNIL points to “about twenty organizations” including major Internet groups

CNIL points to "about twenty organizations" including major Internet groups

For the National Information Science and Freedom Commission (CNIL), “Rejecting cookies should be as easy as accepting them”. However, not all play the game. The French gender of personal data is as follows Announced in a press release, Tuesday 25 May, formal notice of a “Twenty Organizations” For violations of the law on cookies, these are small files that allow information about an Internet user to be stored.

Control, Which started in April, “It turns out that certain organizations still do not allow Internet users to refuse cookies so easily.”, CNIL explains.

If the body has not disclosed the list of related companies and public actors, it is made up “Primarily large companies in the digital economy”, not “International Players in the Digital Economy”. They have one month to comply or face punishment “Up to 2% of their business if this deadline is not respected”.

Also read Cookies: “CNIL wants to give users back control over their data usage”

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