Cofomo: Actors in Creating Value for Organizations | Digital Transformation Zone | Zone Sun

Cofomo: Actors in Creating Value for Organizations |  Digital Transformation Zone |  Zone  Sun

Organizational Culture Essential for a Successful Digital Transformation

To be successful in their digital transformation, a company must demonstrate openness, trust, and collaboration on behalf of all concerned stakeholders. By adopting an agile approach, he is better equipped to make the exercise successful, as he is able to adjust his change in the light of the results achieved. It is desirable to divide it into small steps that add value to the company.

Technological ecosystem to consider

The current scope of digital transformation has greatly benefited from the emerging technologies of recent years. In the service of organizations, it acts as a catalyst, if not an accelerator. The technological ecosystem overall needs to be taken into account: what its foundations are, but at the same time emerging technological tools such as business intelligence and analytics, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, 5G, and social networks.

Modernization of technical infrastructure, cloud computing opportunity

“One of the key issues in digital transformation may be inherent in obsolescence or the constraints of existing technological infrastructure,” underlines the vice president of business solutions and technologies. Cloud services now make it possible to fully or partially mitigate this situation. However, the impact of data security remains significant. Kofomo has developed a comprehensive approach to support its customers in the transition of their infrastructure to cloud computing. “

Kofomo’s role as a guide to succeed in your digital transformation

As a solution integrator and partner in the selection of products that create new ecosystems, Cofomo contributes to the companies’ success in their digital transformation. “From the development stage of a realistic plan to modernization of technologies, including review of processes and support for change, Cofomo contributes to creating value!”, Concludes Mr. Charbonneau.

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