College Basketball Ranking: Gonzaga No. 1 in the 2020-2021 Precision Poll

College Basketball Ranking: Gonzaga No. 1 in the 2020-2021 Precision Poll

The 2020-21 NCAA basketball season begins in just two weeks, and ends with an AP poll. Gonzaga is number one in the preseason rankings, followed by Baylor No. 2 and Vilenova No. 3. The Bulldogs brought back Joel Aye and Corey Kispert, ending 31-2 in the short season of the 2020 epidemic. Gonzaga is not withdrawing his short non-conference schedule as he will face No. 6 Kansas, Uburn, No. 2 Baylor and No. 5 Iowa before starting play at the West Coast Conference.

The ruling NCAA Champion Virginia Cavaliers starts the season at No. 4, and Iowa checks at No. 5, with the Big Ten leading all conferences with seven ranked teams, followed by the Big 12 with five and the ACC with four.

Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Dick and Kentucky are ranked 6-10, respectively.

Houston is the only representative of the AAC, and the No. 18 Arizona State PAC-12 teams are naked – No. 20 Oregon and No. 22 UCLA – are second – in the preliminary rankings. Despite a 26-11 upset in 2019-20, North Carolina’s Tar Heels is poised to return to No. 16.

Here is the full poll:

AP Poll – Pregnancy

Rank School Conference
Rank School Conference
1 Gonzaga W. C. was
2 Baylor Upper 12
3 Villanova Upper East
4 Virginia A.C.C.
5 Iowa Big ten
6 Kansas Upper 12
7 Wisconsin Big ten
8 Illinois Big ten
9 ਡਿ ਕੇ ਕ A.C.C.
10 Kentucky SEC
11 Critton Upper East
12 Tennessee SEC
13 Michigan State Big ten
14 Texas Tech Upper 12
15 West Virginia Upper 12
16 North Carolina A.C.C.
17 Houston A.A.C.
18 Arizona State Pack-12
19 Texas Upper 12
20 Oregon Pack-12
21 Florida State A.C.C.
22 UCLA Pack-12
23 Ohio State Big ten
24 Rutgers Big ten
25 Michigan Big ten
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Also get votes: LSU 146, Memphis 69, Florida 69, Alabama 50, Indiana 48, Louisville 41, Richmond 40, Stanford 14, Providence 9, St. Louis 8, Ub Burn 8, San Diego State 6, Connecticut 6, BYU 4 Loyola Chicago 3, Seton Hall 2, UNC Greensboro 1, Northern Iowa 1

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