Column – Brazilian seated volleyball believes in double in Tokyo

Column – Brazilian seated volleyball believes in double in Tokyo

In 2016, she won a bronze medal by the women’s team in the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, the first in Brazilian volleyball. At the Tokyo Games (Japan), the country is expected to be present on the podium between men and women, and results in the main events of the cycle indicate that desire is not lip service.

The men’s team is runner-up category Vishwa Paravolli, international seated volleyball federation, behind only Iran, Paralympic champion in Rio. Brasilia are ahead, for example, Bosnia (fourth), silver in 2016, and Egypt (third), bronze for five years. In 2018, the national team was third in the World Cup held in Arnhem (Netherlands), fell to Bosnian countries in the semi-finals and defeated Ukraine in a duel for the podium. In 2019, Brazil deserved favor and took the fourth title of the Parapan-American Games in Lima (Peru).

Seleo Cesar Mediato (standing, in white):

Célio César Mediato (in white), believing that the work of preparation can lead to the achievement of gold in Tokyo. – AL Cabral / CPB / Rights Reserved

“Our job is, from the outset, to reach the long-awaited and well-deserved Paralympic medal, because so far our results have been positive. With all the dedication, effort, and overcoming of athletes, I’m sure we Will reach. Our goal is to win a gold medal, “he explained Agency brazil The men’s national team is coached by Cello Cesar Mediato, who currently works with 14 of the 12 players planning to play for Tokyo.

The women’s team is also among the podium candidates. In the world rankings, it ranks third, following only the United States (first) and China (second), the last two Paralympic champions. Silver, surpassed by the Americans in the decision, led the Brazilians to the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup, which was eliminated by Russia, which took the title. For coach Jose Antonio Guedes, the postponement of the Tokyo Games was beneficial to the national team.

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“China and the United States have been a strategic organization since 2012. The American people, since 2008 or 2004. They are a strategically predictable team, but are technically excellent. A major strategic change at the World Cup in Russia. Happened. Surprised by everyone, became the champion. And we completely changed our system. So, time to finish what we changed and to mature our understanding of game concepts. The experienced team in Tokyo is also limited to 12 players.

Coach Jose Agtonio Guides took advantage of the training period to mature athletes' understanding of the concepts of the game.

Coach Jose Agtonio Geddes invests in training new athletes for the national team. – ALE CABRAL / CPB

“We have athletes who are [na seleção] since [a Paralimpíada de] London [Reino Unido] 2012. In women’s sit-in volleyball, we do not have a large number of players available, so there is a concern about getting girls into the national team as soon as possible. For example, in 2016, there were at least four youth. Eduardo Dias was 16 years old, was our free kicker and became one of the world’s best. Today, at the age of 21, he is one of the leaders of the team, with experience in two worlds and a Paralympic medalist. [atacante] Pamela Pereira is another who was in Rio, won international goods and now plays between the starters ”, described Geddes.


On the other hand, the epidemic of the new coronovirus (Kovid-19) postponed the Paralympics and has influenced the preparation in several ways since last year. This sitting was no different in volleyball. The national teams only managed to meet again in January this year, with the first training phase being of Itabiana (SE). The second and third, in February and March, were held at the Paralympic Training Center (CTP) in São Paulo.

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“Or help [maior da pandemia] I believe it was not meant to train the whole group together [ao longo de 2020], Because in the case of a team sport, it is necessary “, evaluated Medito.

“My biggest concern was not just with the meetings of selection, but that the athletes kept training in their clubs. The training phase is the result of these training sessions. In selection, we organize and organize the team according to the content. ” , Human we have “, added Guedes.

The fourth phase will take place in April, but the increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitals in São Paulo prompted the Brazilian Confederation of Volleyball for the Disabled (CBVD) to postpone the training week. The new monthly meetings are expected to take place between May and June, with intensive preparations in July ahead of the Japan trip in August.

Also, the pace of competition in Tokyo may be affected due to the epidemic. The seated volleyball World Cup – initially moved to China and Egypt and to be played before the Paralympics – was postponed until December. After the games, the national men’s and women’s championships scheduled for May and June are suspended and can be rescheduled for the second half.

“We sent invitations to Russia and Canada to see the possibility of exchanges with them, which would be interesting for Brazil before the Games. If that doesn’t happen, we have a Plan B, a series of friendship against it. Have to make. Brazil’s male teams, which they are a high level and physical position, like European teams or USA: strong, tall, who attack a lot, are heavy. We got closer to this concept of the game Must reach ”, Guides explained, evaluating that, in principle, the absence of competitions affects most rivals in a similar way.

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“Apart from that the European teams will be in Tokyo [Rússia e Itália], Who want to compete in a local competition, who fight at the top of the other, are in positions like Brazil, China and USA. I am confident that both these, we and Russia will dispute the podium in the Games ”, concluded the coach of the women’s team.

According to Mediato, the male team will have exchanges between Egypt and the tournament in Bosnia and the Netherlands between May and June, which were canceled due to the epidemic. “Summary in a word about overcoming difficulties: overcoming”, concludes the coach of the male team.

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