Combat Zone: Understand What [SPOILER] Really wanted on netflix

Combat Zone: Understand What [SPOILER] Really wanted on netflix

The Combat Zone has a relatively simple history. The Netflix film stars Harp, Leo, a human pilot, an army commander who is an android – in the feature film Anthony Mackie, played by Marvel Hawk.

Harpe is sent to work with Leo if the superiors don’t listen. Together with the commander, the two go on a dangerous mission in the war zone.

The characters in the Combat Zone have to find a tool of mass destruction. Despite no complications, the story still leaves doubt: what did Leo really want?

During the mission, the Netflix characters discuss the moral issue of war. Also, on the use of machines and even Artificial Intelligence.

When the two get device codes, Leo realizes that he has cheated Harp. At one point, Anthony Mackie’s character asks for something to be removed from his body – which frees him from the clutches of the military.

From here, there is a big twist at the end of the plot.

Leo tells Harp that he will hand over the code to the enemies so they can reach the United States. However, when he finds Victor Koval, he kills everyone to find out the location of the device.

Leo finds the device while being chased by Harp. There is a revealing conversation between the two.

The character of Marvel Star does not want more robots to be developed, mainly due to war. So he wants everyone to think that machines are terrible like creators.

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Leo thus reveals that he wants to end the war, at the same time that he wants to destroy all machines like him. The character of Combat Zone undergoes a strong conflict inside.

For that, machines should be used to improve society and do good. But this does not happen – which prompts Leo to act with his hands, seeing the downfall of the people.

Finally, Harp manages to shut down Android and still save the day by stopping the device from launching.

Combat Zone with Marvel Star is now available on Netflix.

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