Comedian poses next to a painting of Thanos pardoned by Jesus at Campo Grande Jornal Mediamax

Jornal Midiamax

Apparently, Campo Grande has gained another tourist destination as the painting of Thanos being forgiven by Jesus Christ gained fame. Recently, renowned comedian Igor Guimaraes was in the capital for a concert and took the opportunity to pose with both such eminent personalities.

The painting Avenida is located in a black mural in front of Dr. Joo Rosa Pires and Don Aquino, in front of Praça das Araras. Comedian Igor Guimaraes was in the capital for an “Iguinho Show Stand-Up Comedy” presentation at the Teatro Dom Bosco on November 14. Famous for his jokes and antics on social media, he used his profile to share his stay in Sidde Morena.

In addition to religious painting, Igor also visited the statue of the train at 14 de Julho and Praça das Araras. The comedian wrote, “Campo Grande, the best amusement park”.

Jesus ‘forgiven’ Thanos

After annihilating half the population of planet Earth in the Marvel film, Thanos was forgiven by Jesus Christ. At least that is what religious painting claims. the image that infers a certain regret Thanos, the antithesis of the movies, is stamped on the streets of Campo Grande and was created by an artist from the capital.

(Photo: Marcmos Erminio)

Rayanna Art, the creator of the work, revealed MEDIA MAIS That image was part of a much larger project with 9 arts that will be spread across the city. The idea came from a pastor and was done by him. The painting is located at the headquarters of the Evangelical Christian Alliance in Praça Cuiba, and is attracting so much attention that it has had an impact in the United States as well.

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Over there, the picture came with a message in English that literally translates to: “Whatever you’ve done, Jesus still wants you to come home.” The American who shared the record wrote on the caption: “I’m passing out.”

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