5 series to watch while you wait for season 5 –

5 series to watch while you wait for season 5 -

cobra moss One of the biggest current hits on Netflix and runs through fans’ nostalgia for The Karate Kid. Ever since Netflix acquired the production rights, fans have been looking forward to new seasons and eating them as they arrive on the service.

Of course, apart from the nostalgia, the series also manages to mark territory with the younger generations. The teen productions of the show connect with today’s youth. However, the biggest advantage is that the plot of the series is really good.

History of cobra moss Evolve as it introduces new characters along with other members of the original films. It has, of course, been present in production since the beginning of the series, without losing the action.

5th season of cobra moss The same has already been confirmed by Netflix and, in turn, fans are excited. But while waiting for the series to arrive, fans may want to watch other titles on various streaming services. Well, check out the tips.

similar to series cobra moss

woo killer

Are fans of this Netflix original series cobra moss Likes: A lot of beating. Although its return has been confirmed, we still don’t know when the series’ second season will hit the catalogue. Meanwhile, the fans will have to deal with the story of the first season.

In turn, the story revolves around a chef from the city of San Francisco. After working there for several years, he learns that he has been chosen to be the killer. To prevent Wu’s mysterious powers from falling into the wrong hands, he assumes his fate.

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Combining action and fantasy, Wu Assassins features spectacular fight scenes. At the time it was released, the production received praise, thanks to the fact that the scenes are so well choreographed. Finally, the series features Katherine Winick, who played Lagertha in Vikings.

in barren land

The series, produced by AMC, responsible for The Walking Dead, is available Amazon Prime Video. Like this cobra mossThe series is filled with lots of fighting and action.

The plot of the series takes place in a land controlled by the Feudal Lords. Meanwhile, we follow the story of a brave warrior and a young man who embarks on a journey towards a place full of danger. Thus, they seek to acquire knowledge and wisdom.


The series is available on HBO Max and features a story that takes place in the mid-19th century. The production follows the story of Ah Sam. He is a young martial arts prodigy who leaves China to live in Chinatown, United States.

There, he soon learns that his stay there is more complicated than he thought. Warrior already has 3 seasons, but only the first one is available in the HBO Max catalog. Plus, the series is conceived by Bruce Lee, meaning there’s no shortage of fights in production.

iron Fist

Despite the cancellation, Iron Fist is a series whose fans cobra moss Will definitely like it. Karate is not available here, but Danielle Rand is trained in Kung Fu.

Rand is a young billionaire who is the heir to the René Industries fortune. For 15 years, everyone believed that the young man was dead, as his parents had died in a plane crash in the Himalayas. Danny was rescued and lived at this time in the mysterious city of Koon-Lun, one of the Seven Capitals of Heaven.

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Danny learned to channel his chi and became Iron Fist. Upon his return to New York, he tries to take his place in the company. But his mission goes far beyond that, as he has to fight the tentacles with the help of Colleen Wing.

Iron Fist is part of the Defenders universe. In addition to the series, the universe includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and . joins with retaliatory.

bounty hunter

Similar to Cobra Kai Series
Image: Disclosure / Netflix

To close this list, we can include the series as similar cobra moss, for its adventure and action plot with teenagers. In addition, there are many funny moments in the series.

The series revolves around two twins who have to split their time between studying in an elite school and working as bounty hunters. Also you need to lead a normal life.

So, do you already know any of these series cobra moss , enjoy watching:

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