Firefox 100 is now available for download

Firefox 100 is now available for download

And Firefox 100 is available for download even before the official release. Watch the news and see how to install on Linux.

Mozilla Firefox is the default browser on Ubuntu and other Linux systems, and generally, the latest version of Firefox is available as a security update on all supported versions of major Linux distributions a few hours after Mozilla’s announcement, much to the delight of its users. for .

Firefox 100 is now available for download for Linux, Android, macOS, iOS and Windows platforms ahead of its official release tomorrow (May 3).

Firefox 100 is now available for download

Firefox 100 is now available for download

Firefox 100 has some great new features since version 100 and all. For Linux users, this enables GTK overlay scrollbars by default, which means you’ll now see sleek, thin scrollbars on webpages when scrolling, instead of the old thick scrollbars that would still be visible when swiping the mouse.

Another cool thing about GTK’s new overlay scrollbars is that they will automatically disappear after a few seconds if no scrolling is detected, which makes it easier to read on some sites.

GTK overlay scrollbars were enabled in the previous version, Firefox 99, but were not enabled by default.

In Firefox 100, Mozilla added a new option under Settings > General called “Always show scrollbars”, which allows you to enable or disable the GTK overlay scrollbar.

Another cool new feature in Firefox 100 is a new “Website Appearance” subsection under the Language & Appearance section under Settings > General, which lets you choose the preferred color scheme for websites that correspond to the color schemes.

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That said, in Firefox 100 you can choose from four options: Firefox Theme, System Theme, Light or Dark.

Some of the improvements implemented in Firefox 100 are support for the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature or subtitles on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix video, as well as video on websites that use WebVTT (web). There is support for subtitles. video text track).

Additionally, Firefox 100 now supports multi-language dictionaries with a built-in spell checker, support for autocomplete and UK credit card capture, as well as the usual bug fixes and security patches to keep your browsing sessions going. Safer and more reliable on the Internet.

To learn more about this version of Firefox, visit release note,

how to install firefox

As stated earlier, Mozilla will officially announce Firefox 98 on May 3, 2022, but if you want to test it on your GNU/Linux distribution, you can download the binaries for 64-bit or 32-bit systems. Can download, as well as the source tarball. , From now on Mozilla FTP Server,

If you installed Firefox from your Linux distribution’s software repositories, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the new version to appear there, depending on how quickly your distro’s maintainers will compile the browser from sources , most likely by the end of this week. ,

As always, you can download the latest version of Firefox from the official website, but as always, I recommend that you update your installation from your favorite Linux distribution’s stable software repositories when Firefox packages appear.

To install the stable version of Firefox Flatpak, use this tutorial:
Want to try out the Flatpak version of Firefox? see how!

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Linux users of distros that do not support Flatpak will have to wait for this version of Firefox to arrive in the stable software repositories of their favorite Linux distributions.

The new version will soon be in the official Ubuntu repositories and other distros. Until then, anyone who wants to move on (or not), should use one of the options below.

To install the latest version of Firefox on any Linux distribution, use this tutorial:
Firefox on Linux: See How to Install Manually

You can also install the program using this other tutorial:
How to Install Firefox Browser on Linux via Snap

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