Commander Antonov speaks for the first time since the An-225 was ‘destroyed’; watch the video

Commander Antonov speaks for the first time since the An-225 was 'destroyed';  watch the video

The chief pilot of Antonov Airlines and the commander in chief of the world’s largest aircraft An-225 Myria spoke for the first time since the plane was hit by Russians. According to the Ukrainian government, the plane has been destroyed, but there is no image of it after the attacks.

Personal Archive – Dmitro Antonov

Dmitry Antonov is the chief pilot of Antonov Airlines, the airline of the well-known manufacturer Antonov Company, which is responsible for building the largest commercial aircraft in the world, the An-225 Miriya.

“It was”, because Dimitro himself, shaken and affected by the battle, confirms that “the probability is 99% that Myria is destroyed”. He made the same claim in his first video after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The An-225 was not only the largest aircraft in the world, but the only model to be produced, and was a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance, which has long suffered and is still plagued by Moscow’s decisions.

As we speak here, Vishal was in your housewhere it first took off in 1988, and where it ended up “passing” over the weekend, after the Russian military’s second attempt to capture Gostomel airport on the outskirts of Kyiv.

An-225 | Image: Antonov Airlines, via YouTube

The first attempt was made in the early days of the Russian offensive, and was repelled by Ukraine’s Special Spetsnaz Army, which avoided the destruction of the airfield and the An-225, which would be carried out by Russian VDV paratroopers.

However, a second attack was made, and this time the An-225 was hit, as shown. Some pictures of the plane fire in the destroyed hangar,

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Dimitro says that he will show his audience what happened to the plane once it reaches the airport, but says that the chances of the plane not being destroyed are practically zero. He also confirmed that other aircraft – An-26, An-28 and An-74 – were also hit.

According to the commander, the good news is that the other five aircraft, probably all An-124 Ruslan models, the An-225’s “little brother”, were out of Ukraine and are safe.

Antonov Airlines An-124 Ruslan

In the end, Dimitro Antonov celebrates the casualties of the Russians, claims that Ukraine will win and shares several videos of destroyed Russian vehicles, soldiers and equipment, including BMP-3 armored vehicles, as well as the damage to Ukrainian civilians by the invading forces. Will deliver Watch full video:

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