Teams work to rescue whales stranded on London’s Thames River

Especialistas marinhos acham que a baleia é uma pequena Minke
Marine experts think the whale is a little minky
Photo: Playback / Twitter

Rescuers are working to free a whale trapped in the River Thames in London, according to the London Port Authority. The whale was sighted in the Thames at around 2 pm (local time) on Sunday (9am), he informed Cnn A spokesperson.

The animal is believed to be a small mink whale about three meters long. Marine mammal specialists from the British diver Life Rescue Organization are already working on site to free the whale.

The experts joined officers from the Port of London, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the London Fire Brigade.

Daniel Maggie, who was passing by, recorded several videos of the whale and said he thought it was a seal.

“We stood and watched a group of spectators, we looked back later and saw a seal earlier this year, which is already unusual. So we thought it might be the same seal,” Mege reported. Cnn.

“As we approached, we saw a fin, then I realized that it was a whale. Some lockers threw water with the hawse until the tide went up so that it could turn around. Me. Realized that whales could get hurt if they tried rolling. And struggling, “he described.

Other viewers like David Corsacks told Cnn Who were surprised to see any animals in the area other than the typical birds.

“It was almost disbelief and also a shock to see whales where you usually only see ducks and geese,” Corsacks said. “My next thoughts were: I hope everything is fine and he will soon be able to swim freely.”

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Another viewer, Sophie Milner, also recorded a video when she saw the small crowd that had formed to watch the scene.

He said, “We saw a crowd of whale watchers. When we got there, he was being looked after by some experts, ”she said.

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