Sailfish jumps out of water and pierces Florida woman’s waist

Sailfish jumps out of water and pierces Florida woman’s waist

A 73-year-old woman suffered a groin injury after being pierced by a long, sharp snout of a sailfish that jumped while fishing a boat off the coast of Florida, local media reported on Sunday.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Katherine Perkins was killed while preparing to photograph a 100-pound fish caught by two of her friends and the animal jumped out of the water. Both fishermen pressed on the woman’s wound as they returned to the shore in the southeastern Florida town of Stuart.

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The local press clarified that the incident happened on Tuesday (19), but did not report the woman’s condition. Sailfish (Istiophorus), which inhabit the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, have a sail-shaped dorsal fin, in addition to a long frontal tip, and can reach three meters in length and weigh over 100 kilograms. could.

At short distances, the metallic blue sailfish is the second fastest fish in the ocean after the mako shark, which can swim up to 124 kilometers per hour.

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