Brazilians lead world ranking of sensation of living in ‘falling country’

Brazilians lead world ranking of sensation of living in 'falling country'

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Protests against President Jair Bolsonaro in Brasilia in June; 72% of Brazilians said in a poll that they believe the country’s society is “bankrupt”.

An opinion poll conducted in 25 countries brings up a dismal view of the global population about their respective political institutions – and a negative perception of Brazilians above the world average.

More than two-thirds (69%) of the thousand Brazilians interviewed say the country is in decline, the highest rate seen among all the countries surveyed. Broken system sentiment in 2021, made by the company Ipsos.

This is 12 percentage points higher than the (already high) world average of 57% of people who are believed to live in declining countries. Rates are also higher in Chile, Argentina and South Africa, with 68%.

In addition, 72% of Brazilians said they believe the country’s society is “bankrupt”, an index similar to Hungary and surpassed only by South Africa (74%).

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