The ‘end of the world’ fish that initiates disaster is caught; watch video


Although the case sounds like a fisherman’s story, it is true: heMea fish measuring about six meters was caught in Chileon 6 July.

about fish

First, the name of the animal in question is oarfish and also known as Gulbandfamily Regalsidae.

Also, it’s a fish completely without scales And lives between the depth of twenty to one thousand meters.

Despite its size one might imagine, on the contrary, Fish pose no danger to humans. It eats only small fish.

In the end, it’s a rare animals which is not often visible. They are sometimes pushed to the surface by storms or strong currents, according to National Geographic. Therefore, when they appear, they attract a lot of curiosity.

court case

It had a huge impact in catching fish TIC Toc , The video posted on the platform garnered five million views.

The animal was caught in Arica, Chile, more than 2000 km from the capital Santiago. he needed help with crane To delete, as shown in the image below.

According to the Argentinian newspaper Pageina 12, the fish in question approx 5.8 m. IsWhich makes its presence rare because of its size.


Although there is no scientific evidence for this, oarfish are known to be a myth in Japan. that could be natural disaster announcer,

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“End Of The World Fish” Was Seen Before Fukushima disaster in Japan.

Another specimen of the species may also have been caught in Cozumel, Mexico, ten days before an earthquake of 7.5 degrees on the Richter scale, reinforcing the myth that the fish would attract natural disasters.

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