Comment on changes in the economy: “We are a united team”

Comment on changes in the economy: "We are a united team"

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Geddes, said on Tuesday (27.20.2021) that there are changes in the economic team “To make dialogue with Congress easier” with and “Executive himself ”. Valdery Rodrigues, until the finance secretary, stepped down and became special advisor to the minister.

The guides say “Rehabilitation” Is the result of “A natural wear”. He also said that the team is united. “Those who remain in battle are united “, The minister said. Where the team has changed, “But the soul is the same”.

According to Geddes, farewell to Valdery, “This is not a new topic” And it is not a dismissal. The discussion began before the 2021 budget talks were concluded. “We talked about this 2 months ago”, Declared a minister.

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Hey Poderon 10 Summary of the most recent changes in the economic team:

  • Valderie Rodrigues: He was the Finance Secretary. He will be the special advisor to Paulo Geddes;
  • Bruno Funchal: He was the secretary of the National Treasury. Replaces Rodrigues at the farm;
  • Jefferson Bittoncourt: He was a special advisor. He will take charge of the Treasury.
  • Vanessa Canado: Special Advisers, who were highlighted on the tax reform proposal. He left the folder.
  • Isius Coelho: Professor at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) considers the position of Canado in Special Tax Adviser.

The guides also confirmed that Martha Sealier, secretary of the Investment Partnership Program, received proposals to work abroad.

“Unfortunate Image”

The guides previously said that China “Invention” Coronavirus and indicated that the country had less efficient vaccines. On the night of Tuesday (27 April), he tried to justify the statement. “I was trying to emphasize the importance in dealing with the epidemic in the private sector and I used an unfortunate image” The minister said.

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He said his previous remarks were meant to highlight the response from stronger economies such as the United States, which managed to produce more efficient vaccines than China, which has previous experiences with the epidemic.

“We are very grateful to China for sending us the vaccine. I took Coronavac myself, how do I speak ill about vaccines? “ Added Guided.

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