Confrontation 2021: “Cloud saved a lot of business in 2020” – ópoca Negócios

Confrontation 2021: "Cloud saved a lot of business in 2020" - ópoca Negócios

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In a fully online version, Collision 2021 brings together names of relevance in the technology landscape this week and Innovation Discussing issues that are evidence and indicating avenues and trends for the future.

On the first day of the event, Aaron Levy, CEO of Box, a California-based company in the United States that shares files online and manages corporate content in the cloud, shared his experiences about the company’s work in 2020 Done. “Before the epidemic we served specific traces in the economy, last year came to show that our work could guarantee business survival in the most diverse sectors.”

Levy said in a panel in 2021 and beyond that tourism, entertainment and HR were among the new segments in addition to the US government that started box service. With most teams working from home, many companies had to use Box’s services to be present immediately. In addition to facilitating system integration and file sharing, the company is responsible for protecting the data of its customers.

In addition, Box, which was founded in 2005 and serves around 100 thousand companies, emerged as a facilitator for the work of teams that were physically distant, facilitating processes and streamlining the flow. “The important thing is that these technologies guarantee the flexibility that a home office system needs,” Levy said.

For the entrepreneur, the future will still require the development of other technologies, fulfilling new work models that will emerge from the re-emergence of the post-pandemic world economy. “The only certainty we have is that companies will never be able to organize themselves as before. With a hybrid working system, they must continue to invest in innovation to bring their teams closer.

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For Levy, the major challenge for the future – for any company involved in the development of their company and technologies – is to make the experience of connecting people as enjoyable as possible. “What is to come will bring a lot of questions and a lot of answers, and technology is the one that will guide the way and find solutions. But the important thing is that people are fun and comfortable in the process. “

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