Controversy continues over religious persecution during Winter Games

Controversy continues over religious persecution during Winter Games

Besides podiums, medals and milestones, the Winter Olympics that ended in Beijing had another element it was not so lucrative and prosperous for the sporting world: religious persecution.

According to a survey conducted by the NGO Open Doors, China ranks 17th in the list of most dangerous countries for a Christian. For the Democracy Without Borders movement, the repression imposed by the local government on these groups is of great concern, as any population should have the right to express their faith.

Human rights organizations report arrests of the Muslim population for religious re-education. China denies the allegations.

There were protests against this situation before the start of the game. Therefore, the United States of America launched a movement to boycott the Games. North Americans, along with Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and Denmark, did not send diplomatic figures to the event, despite releasing their teams for dispute.

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