Copacabana New Year’s Eve Bonnet Looking forward to the new year – small companies big business

Copacabana New Year’s Eve Bonnet Looking forward to the new year – small companies big business

Awaiting a definition by Governor Claudio Castro and Mayor Eduardo Paes on the final draft of the party Christmas EveMILF Santa Catarina Businessman Marcelo Cocotte Upgraded this Wednesday to keep in stock Fireworks That’s enough to celebrate the 2022 arrival at Copabacana Beach, as well as plan what the show will be like. Kokote says that despite his indecision about party points, there is still plenty of time to assemble the pyrotechnics on the ten rafts used to accommodate the fireworks. He says materials are usually brought into Rio only after December 20, and that a good portion of assembly services are automated, which speeds up assembly.

New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Gabriel Monteiro / SECOM)

Even though it is a municipal event, Claudio Castro said there would still be fireworks after Mayor Eduardo Pace’s announcement that the party was canceled because the State Scientific Committee had recommended that people avoid crowds given the emergence of Micron. should not be organized. version of covid.

Kokote said he has yet to officially be informed of the barn’s maintenance:

– We are ready and have the operational capability to supply RIO. By the end of November, our region was very excited about the resumption of year-end festivities. We take the guesswork out of, buy and stock ingredients. The details are yet to be defined, if any burns, we need the approval of the authorities. Like, for example, whether a fireworks show will have a soundtrack; And we’re introducing new visual effects. “The only guarantee I can make is that we have something amazing planned for Rio,” Marcelo said.

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The materials used by the rocket ship are imported from Europe, the United States and China. Fires used in the city will produce less noise than traditional models, reducing the stress of noisy populations and animals.

The Cocotte company directs the vision show, which is also responsible for the Rock in Rio fireworks and part of the fireworks in Natal Luz de Gramado (RS), which took place again this year. The company is hired indirectly by Riotur. Unlike other cities, the choice of fireworks supplier is the company chosen to organize the artistic part of the party and attract sponsors. As in previous years, this one won an SR com by set designer Abel Gomes.

In Rio, the partnership with Cocote resulted in the last three fireworks displays in Copacabana at the end of 20172018; 20182019; and 20192020. There was no party at turn 2021 due to the pandemic and to avoid overcrowding.

Although CET-Rio does not confirm the information, O Globo found that city hall technicians involved in party planning are friendly. If there is also a fireworks display, a special traffic plan is maintained in Copacabana with parking restrictions. . Waterfront and internal streets and blockade in the neighborhood on the 31st. The scheme would be similar to other editions of New Year’s Eve, preventing bus access to Copacabana during the early hours of the first day of the year. From 2020 to 2021, even without parties, barriers were set up with the aim of avoiding crowds not only in the cup, but also in other points along the edge.

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Maintaining a routine even without concerts could return neighborhoods to common problems seen in the 1980s and 1990s, when there were no barriers: drivers entered the neighborhood in large traffic jams in the first hour of the year. Spent to do in and out, making a nuisance unwanted. ,

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