Coronavirus: how Volkswagen prepares to electrify its fleet – Negpoca Negócios

Coronavirus: how Volkswagen prepares to electrify its fleet – Negpoca Negócios

In Brazil, the trend is for the fleet to be hybrid, says Pablo Di C, CEO of Volkswagen for Latin America (photo: disclosure)

a Volkswagen Electric models are planned to reach 2030 with 70% of the European fleet. And, by then, in the United States, with 50%. In Brazil, electrified products should be more present by 2023, but, here, hybrids should dominate – given the advantages and tradition of ethanol among countries and Brazilians of continental dimensions.

“Brazil needs to take advantage of ethanol because it is a sustainable renewable energy. And then the country has a mega business opportunity”, Volkswagen CEO Pablo Di Ci for Latin America with Negnesh on Monday (3) Said in an interview.

In addition to expanding the German automaker’s initiative to electrify its plants and vehicles, the executive also talks about the research and development of batteries, including its disposal. One of the company’s research lines predicts that it is possible to recycle up to 98% of them. “Various industries are researching batteries and many of them will move forward,” says the CEO.

In addition to being electrified, vehicles are also expanding the use of insurance technology and data and even expanding to an ecosystem of services such as insurance offerings. Autonomous cars are not that far apart, but still according to Pablo, there is a lot of debate on the ethical and legal issues surrounding the subject and, of course, the infrastructure for the operation.

The executive also talks about how the epidemic for mobility affected car buying and consumer behavior. “Volkswagen has to adapt and offer different business models and customers will choose it”, he evaluates.

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