Coronavirus today: Brazil has a 28% drop in average cases and the United Kingdom sets a new imprisonment. International and Commodities

Coronavirus today: Brazil has a 28% drop in average cases and the United Kingdom sets a new imprisonment. International and Commodities

The Consortium of Press Vehicles released a new survey of the status of coronovirus epidemics in Brazil on Monday (4) at 8 pm, based on data from state health departments.

The country has recorded 562 deaths from Kovid-19 in the last 24 hours, a total of 196,591 deaths since the onset of the epidemic. As a result, the average death toll in Brazil in the last 7 days was 707. The variance was -9% compared to 14 days earlier, indicating a trend towards stability in deaths from the disease.

In confirmed cases, new coronoviruses have occurred or occurred in 7,754,560 Brazilians since the onset of the epidemic, of which 22,489 were on the last day. In the last 7 days, there were 35,381 new diagnoses per day on average. This represents a variation of -28% with respect to cases reported over two weeks, indicating a decline in diagnosis.

Seven states saw an increase in the rising average of deaths: AC, AM, PA, RR, TO, RN and SE.

The São Paulo State Health Department on Monday (4) confirmed that the first two cases of the new coronovirus variants have started in the United Kingdom, according to information from the “G1” portal.

According to the report, Saturday (2) after genetic sequencing of samples sent by private laboratory DASA, was confirmed by the Institutional Adolfo Lutz’s Strategic Laboratory, which is linked to the state portfolio. Read more here

Cuomo said according to a Financial Times report that New York’s Department of Health sent letters to all hospitals in the state that the penalty for not using the stock in seven days could reach $ 100,000. In addition, they may stop receiving new doses of antibodies. Read more here

Mexico late Monday provided an emergency use authority for the Kovid-19 vaccine developed by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in partnership with the University of Oxford.

The approval information was provided by Mexico’s Under Secretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatel, in a message posted on Twitter by the country’s regulatory agency the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Ricks (Cofres). Read more here

The Dutch Ministry of Health announced yesterday that it had anticipated a plan to introduce vaccination against Kovid-19 in the country. Now, the first dose will be administered on Wednesday (6).

The Dutch government has been criticized for delaying the introduction of vaccination of the population against the disease, while other European Union (EU) countries have already approved only a single Pfizer and BioNotech vaccine produced in bleach. Has started implementing. Read more here

Elite sports competitions, including the English Championships, may continue in England tomorrow, despite a new national lockdown decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This measure was taken to control the outbreak of the more infectiously caused infection of the new coronovirus (Kovid-19).

England followed neighboring Scotland enforced a strict lockdown with instructions to keep the population at home, but allowed professional sports competitions to continue.

Facilities for outdoor sports, including open gyms, tennis courts and golf courses, will be closed and unless the elite sports professional class such as the English Championships will be allowed team sports.

In football, the English League Cup semi-finals should be played next Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by the third round of the FA Cup, starting next Friday.

After the government refused a plan to reopen shops and other establishments for people testing negative for Kovid-19, Austria decided to extend the lockdown enforced in the country for another week until 24 January .

The third lockout in Austria took place on 26 December. The government’s original plan was to reopen non-commercial commerce, restaurants and other establishments on January 18, which showed a negative test for the disease. Read more here

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