COSMOTE announcement that left us speechless

COSMOTE announcement that left us speechless

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It becomes important Contribution of COSMOTE customers, Who opted for an e-account rather than a print, in an effort to have a savings paper implemented by COSMOTE to save natural resources and protect the environment.

In 2020, customers with e-accounts contributed 411 tonnes of paper savings, corresponding to 6,860 trees.

Customers who participate in this endeavor and opt for an e-account receive a discount of 1 € per month according to their schedule.

In addition, those who choose to activate an electronic account by activating the My COSMOTE app enjoy 4GB for 7 days with their first activation. Alternatively, COSMOTE customers can activate the e-account through the My COSMOTE portal by calling the COSMOTE service or visiting one of the COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores.

Work to save natural resources and protect the environment

Recognizing that natural resources are not unbreakable, and are paramount to human life and economic activity, COSMOTE, in the context of its environmental strategy and adhering to the principles of circular economy, implements actions to conserve natural resources is.

Especially for the rational use of paper, the action focuses on savings, recycling, and responsible consumption (such as the use of FSC-certified paper products), covering a wide range of company activities.

In total, 558 tonnes of paper have been saved by COSMOTE actions in 2020, leaving over 8,900 trees.

In addition to e-accounts, OTE Group’s digital transformation has contributed to less paper usage, with -52 tonnes of paper (-32%) compared to the previous year. Paper savings are also achieved by switching to newer generation products, such as Android TV decoder, resulting in a decrease in package size and a 22 ton reduction in paper usage as a result. In addition, 73 tons of paper was recycled from the recycling program in OTE Group buildings.

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At the same time, COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores are implementing action towards the conservation of natural resources because in the last two years they have eliminated plastic bags, which they replaced with paper bags, and from this year they have been exclusively FSC® certification when using bags from.

It is worth noting that the paper consumption in the OTE group decreased by 56% in the four years 2016–2020.

The OTE Group uses the possibilities offered by technology with the aim of creating a better world for all. Sustainable development is a business option and an integral part of the group’s strategy and operations.

The main priorities are the improvement of the group’s environmental and social footprint, as well as equal access of all citizens to future digital opportunities.

Cosmot: It makes thousands of mobile phones useless!

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COSMOTE 3G will be phased out from September 2021 until the end of the year and the range to be released will be used for further development and expansion of COSMOTE 4G and 5G networks.

“The phased out of 3G networks across the country will free up currently used spectrum, increase network capacity and allow us to consolidate COSMOTE 4G and 5G networks.

Today, 3G, the technology that revolutionized the mobile Internet era just 20 years ago, is now obsolete. This demonstrates the speed with which technologies are changing, as well as the need for continued investment in networks.

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At COSMOTE, responding to this need, we were the first to bring Greece to the future of telecommunications, 5G, and we continue to invest dynamically to make it available across the country soon, “O.T.E. Said the executive director of network design and development of the group. Mr. George Tonsis.

Removing the 3G network has no effect on voice and messaging services (SMS), which will continue as usual.

Data Services After Elimination of 3G, Will be supported by COSMOTE 4G, the largest 4G network in Greece with 99% population coverage, and by COSMOTE 5G, whose coverage is expected to exceed 50% by the end of 2021.

Internet access through the COSMOTE mobile network will now be available only from devices that support 4G or 5G networks with a U-SIM technology card. COSMOTE has ensured that all of its customers who use data services via 3G devices with an old-technology SIM card can immediately convert it to the COSMOTE or GERMANOS store for free.

At the same point, customers can also see if their device (smartphone / tablet / USB stick) only supports 3G services and if they choose it from a wide range of 4G and 5G devices with special discounts want to change.

A SIM card or device can be checked by calling 13888 for individuals and 13818 for businesses.

More information about the elimination of 3G networks on the COSMOTE site.

Subscribers will be able to use voice and messaging services through the 2G network, which will continue to work.

SIM cards that do not support 4G (non-UIM) networks.

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The special discount is valid for selected customers with 3G devices and can only benefit from the COSMOTE or GERMANOS store network. The operation of the stores, as well as the stores, is carried out according to the relevant instructions of the customers’ transition state.

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