COVID-19 vaccination penetration increased by 1,420,644 till 14 September 2021

Diviya Agatha, Jakarta – Based on data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Ministry of Health RI), the achievement of COVID-19 vaccination reached 1,420,644 people as of September 14, 2021.

Here are details of today’s additional vaccination achievements:

The first dose of COVID-19 vaccination increased by 946,952 making the accumulation 74,257,515.

– The second dose of vaccination is increased by 460,492 so that the accumulation becomes 42,565,331.

– The third dose of vaccination is increased by 13,200 so that the accumulation becomes 797,574.

Not just vaccines, the data also shows that the total number of confirmed cases per day has increased by 4,128. So the accumulation as of September 14, 2021 is 4,174,216.

The recovered cases also increased by 11,246, taking the cumulative tally to 3,942,473. Meanwhile, an additional 250 cases of deaths were reported, taking the total number to 139,415.

Active cases decreased by 7,368, taking the cumulative tally to 92,328. The number of samples is 278,680 and the number of suspects is 304,706.

Amtek Group provides free vaccines to residents of Kendall Regency, Central Java. For the first time this vaccination activity was organized by the private sector.

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