Criminal reveals he ‘invaded’ iPhone using chip in another cell phone

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A wave of crimes, mainly the capital, invaded So Paulo last month: citizens’ cell phones were stolen and shortly thereafter your bank accounts emptied. One of the perpetrators said he was able to unlock any iPhone model “from 5 to 11”, following one of the largest operations conducted against gangs in late 2020 by S साo Paulo police.

According to Fabiano Barbero, responsible for the gang’s arrest, to “unlock” the devices, the criminals removed the chip and inserted it into another unlocked device. From there, a survey of social networks was conducted using telephone numbers, looking for information about the device’s owner and data such as email addresses.

Apple, which has been involved in the fight to protect personal data, said it would not comment on the matter. (Source: Unsplash, Power 360 / Playback)Source: Podder360

With email addresses in hand — which preferred extensions like and — they downloaded files from the cloud and began looking for information associated with the word “password.” The criminals were also asked to find easy-to-access data on cell phones and bank accounts.

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Upon receiving the information, they return the chip to the original device and hand it over to the staff member responsible for accessing it, transferring as much money to Orange accounts.

hey Procon-SP Telephone companies and banks have been demanded to take measures. Since, after the police, considering possible lawsuits and redress, they are the main ones related to attacks. The Foundation also maintains a consumer guidance program.

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a survey conducted by mobile time more than quotes 60% of Brazilians have their cell phones stolen. according to the investigation of folha de sao pauloOf the eight victims of the scheme, seven were iPhone users, models 10 and 11. This Tuesday (6), questioned Apple Informed that he would not comment on what happened.

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