Critical Minerals: Brazil could be an important supplier to the United States

The United States representative, Matthew Lowe, economic counselor at the United States Embassy in Brazil, said the country imports 41 of the 50 critical minerals and is looking for new sources of supply, including Brazil, where There are more than 15 of these. Items of North American Interest. “The United States is prepared to invest significant amounts in building resilient, secure, and reliable supply chains and supports partnerships between North American and Brazilian organizations to achieve this.” The Colombian government and Congress want to expand critical and strategic minerals to make the economy more productive and generate jobs and income. Colombia wants to replace the import of many important ores with production in the local region.

Canada is the country that attracts investments from big international brands like automobile manufacturers for critical mineral projects in its territory. This strategy will increase the responsible supply of these minerals and support the development of national and global value chains for a green and digital economy. According to Emmanuel Kamarianakis, Canada’s ambassador to Brazil, the Canadian government defends regional cooperation in the Americas to promote sustainable mining. Sebastian Cuenca, ministerial adviser at that country’s embassy in Brazil, said Bolivia is interested in this regional cooperation because it has millions of tons of unexplored ore and needs technical and logistics assistance from other countries. The Brazilian government representative on the panel, Guilherme Ferreira, head of the Economic Geology Division of the Brazilian Geological Survey, emphasized that Brazil has the potential to meet the demand for key and strategic minerals from China, the United States, and the United States. Can work in cooperation with the European Union and other countries.

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