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Krypto-Briefmarken: Schweizerische Post launcht erste NFT-Briefmarke

, Swiss Post launches NTF postage stamp

, Tickets sell out a few hours after they go on sale

, NFT stamp is a collector’s item

swiss post nft ticket

Swiss Post publishes about 50 new stamps every year, the company explains in a press release. These new stamps may include different materials and may be issued in different forms, and may also feature a variety of motifs. However, on November 25, 2021, the shipping service provider broke new ground and issued a Swiss crypto stamp for the first time. With this, Switzerland is setting a milestone in the history of postage stamps and building a bridge between the physical world of stamps and the digital crypto universe, according to Swiss Post.

sold out after a few hours

The new type of stamp was sold for CHF 8.90 in select Swiss Post locations and online shop. However, after being limited to 175,000 pieces that went on sale at 6:00 am, they sold out after only four hours, as reported by BTC-echo. The rush of new stamps was so great that the Swiss Post website was temporarily inaccessible after only two hours.

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This Is What Makes Crypto Stamps So Special

At first glance, the Swiss Post’s special edition doesn’t seem specific. At first glance, you might see a self-adhesive stamp depicting the Matterhorn and the Moon on a blue background. “Crypto traders use the expression ‘to the moon’ when prices are rising. We wanted to associate the idea of ​​the ‘moon’ with Switzerland. Which towers are high up in the starry sky and up to the moon? Sure. Form: our mountain! And what is more iconic than the Matterhorn? That was the birth of our design for the physical stamp,” Stefan Dunner of Swiss Post AG explained the design of the BTC-eco postage stamp . And like other postage stamps, it can be used to clarify letters.

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However, crypto stamps are stored on a digital blockchain and can be accessed via a QR code on a physical stamp, explains the Swiss Post in the mailing. The crypto stamp serves as a digital collector’s item and can still be exchanged and traded. There is also an NFT stamp in 13 different designs, of which customers previously did not know which one was hidden behind the corresponding physical stamp. The collectible value of digital stamps varies by design, some are widely used and some are rare. For example, the most common motif is found 65,000 times, while the rarest is only 50. “Post stamps are becoming a digital collector’s item. We are addressing not only classic collectors, but crypto-savvy collectors as well. Furthermore, crypto-stamps are also attracting interest beyond national borders. And we’re also reaching out to internationally interested “crypto collectibles.” “Collector.” , Duner said in an interview with BTC-echo.

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