Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Live: Latest Premier League updates today

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Live: Latest Premier League updates today

Tottenham will travel to Crystal Palace in a London derby of the Premier League this afternoon, aiming to extend their lead to the top of the table and leave Chelsea with a 1-0 defeat to Everton on Saturday. Occupy.

Jose Mourinho will be excited to support a comfortable win over North London rivals Arsenal after Midwick’s win over Antwerp, and Liverpool’s win this afternoon against Fulham will be a chance to put pressure on a champion.

Steven Bergwijon has hailed the tag as a headline challenge: “Of course we see – the top of the league is what we want,” he said. “But we have to take it in stride. Every opponent in the Premier League is tough so we have to chase every game. We are Tottenham and we are a big club so we always want to win. This is normal. This group of players, that’s normal. ” Follow the live updates from Salehurst Park below:


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Crystal Palace 0 – 1 Tottenham

48 mins: Sports starts the second half with the next leg but Reggie kisses Cisco and Zaha to get the ball. Ciscoco reacts to his handling from behind, but referee Kevin Friend says it’s a fair challenge to the dislike of Palace fans.

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Crystal Palace 0 – 1 Tottenham

Second Halfway: Now head back to Selhurst Park where Crystal Palace has to find its way back into the game. Tottenham are hard to beat when they are in front of the game so Palace cut their work.

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Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder has admitted that his team is not playing to its best and needs to improve quickly. He said:

We were beaten for the better. We were against the players who played at the top of their game. Obviously we are not.

“We had a pretty good start early in the second half. I think we had the best chance of that time. Sander Bridge should have scored. If he had, he would change the dynamics of the game.

“I am not taking anything away from us. Individually, players are nowhere near playing how well they can play. We went around trying and finding the right system, but I thought they were really good too.

“We went to a tight four in midfield to put a little more pressure on their players. I thought it was our best time to compete and get close to them, but the wrong place title and they competed with us. I don’t think so, Aaron [Ramsdale] He can do anything with perfection [for the second goal].

“We have to keep going. We can’t just keep talking about it. As a team we are not showing enough of what we can produce. People say things are tight. I thought they were brighter, sharper. If he didn’t get the first ball, he got the second. This allowed them to control the game.

“Players doubt themselves individually and collectively. It’s just simple, but we have to get out of it. We have to try to see our next game and achieve that victory so that this confidence can be gained and at the same time the faith can be improved. ”


Stuart Armstrong echoed the sentiments of his team-mates, saying Southampton were hitting the top of the table and the fans made a difference for him today. He said:

“I think we knew it was tough. They are quite defensive. We knew they wanted to get something out of the game.

“It was very important to get this success soon. The first few minutes of the second half were a little difficult, but then we found our feet and deserved the win. A 2-0 lead was more comfortable for us. After that we were great and maybe two or three more could meet.

“Having fans gives you extra edge. We’re very happy to have them back. We had some great performances late and it’s a shame for the fans that they weren’t here to see them. Let’s hope that today is a good building block where we want to go.

“Ultimately, we want to be at the top of the table. We’ve found ourselves in the top half over the years, so it’s best to be in the top half. We play things through games, but today is a good start.

“We have a lot of different games coming up. Every game is a new challenge, we have to see our approach for the next match.

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Response from Southampton vs. Sheffield United now. Saint Nathan Redmond said:

Coming out of a win on Monday is always a tough challenge for the next game. Sheffield United, like any other team in the league, is a good team. We need to perform professionally.

“Personally it has been a slow start. I have not come back properly. Thankfully we have a strong group of boys here dedicated to the cause. If one player is not playing well then so is our team.

“It’s hard to beat a lot of teams. We can beat our day like this. I’ve been in their position so I knew they would be tough. It’s been a long season and we play it through the game.

“It almost felt normal to play without the fans. But they were still behind us. It was nice to have them here today and it’s a small step in the right direction.”


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Crystal Palace 0 – 1 Tottenham

45 + 1 minute: half time. Harry Kane’s fifth goal at Selhurst Park gave Tottenham the lead at the break. Ebay Ease hit the post in response to Crystal Palace who are playing well enough to get back into the game.

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Crystal Palace 0 – 1 Tottenham

42 min: Ease approaches Crystal Palace as it enters from the left. He shoots the outside of the bullet, beats Lloris and hits the back post!

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Crystal Palace 0 – 1 Tottenham

39 mins: Scalp goes inside the regulane and heads towards the box but a slide Mosa Ciscoco takes him out of the box. Cisco picked up a yellow card and has a free kick at the Palace. Patrick van Anholt sends it low but the shot is easily blocked and cleared.

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