Cyberpunk 2077 on sale reaches Steam’s top 10 best sellers

Imagem de: Cyberpunk 2077 em promoção chega nos top 10 mais vendidos da Steam

Like it or not, everyone who follows the gaming world knows its story cyberpunk 2077, But it’s a plot that’s still being written, as evidenced by a recent promotion that’s breathed new life into the game.

CD Projekt RED’s latest ambitious release now available at a discount 50% and Steam, which brought him back into the top ten best-selling games on the platform. To be precise, at the time of writing this post, it is in fifth place:

Cyberpunk 2077 in Steam’s Top 10 Best SellersSource: Steam

But there is good news for the CDPR team behind cyberpunk 2077 Don’t stop there. New buyers seem to be really enjoying the game, with recent positive reviews rated its average “very positive” on Steam.

The recent influx of praise has gone unnoticed by the game’s developers. The game’s mission director Pavel Sasko commented on Twitter that we can’t imagine what it means for him to see this “flood” of positive reviews. cyberpunk 2077,

with promotion, cyberpunk 2077 Coming out on Steam for R$99.95. the game is no more Updates scheduled for 2021, but it has a big roadmap for next year, including its promised versions for the next generation. CDPR believes that, over time, the game will be successful. recover your image between players.

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