‘Dance Momz’ maker forces Zill and Kendall Vertes to move to Candy Apple

when Dance mom Fans think of OG’s cast, not long before Kathy Nasbit-Stein and her daughter Vivi-Ann Stein came to mind. Although Vivi was a brief member of the Junior Elite Competition Team at Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), Kathy’s disagreement with Athi Lee Miller left her shortly after. But despite leaving the team, Kathy will continue to perform Dance mom For seven seasons.

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Kathy, of course, had her own dance studio called Candy Apple Dance Center. Candy Apple was often involved in competitions such as the ALDC. To go with. Fans of Dance mom Remember that no one could come under Miller’s skin like Keller. That’s why it was a shock when Jill Wertz and her daughter, Kendall Wertz, left ALDC to join Candy Apple.

The makers of ‘Dance Momz’ forced Zill and Kendall Vertes to leave ALDC for Candy Apple in Season 2.

Of course, Jill and Kendall were only at Candy Apple for a very short time before they returned to ALDC. Fans were surprised when he was finally welcomed as a permanent member of the team. From then on, Jill seemed loyal to Miller and hostile to Kathy. Also, with the exception of a few couples, neither Miller nor the other dance mothers have ever revealed the fact that Jill once left the ADDC for Candy Apple, for good reason.

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A recent interview with In Entertainment tonight, Jill revealed that she and Kendall were forced Dance mom To join Candy Apple for the producer show. “I had no choice. Kathy was an opponent of the show,” Jill shared. “The producers loved Kathy and Vivi,” he added. Jill also shared that she and Kathy had never really been together and that they had been at odds since he and Kendall joined the cast.

Jill Vertes claims that Vivi-Ann Stein didn’t like dancing either

“That’s my opinion. Vivi doesn’t even like to dance. Do you know what I mean?” Jill shared. “Like our kids were dancing – they were there when the cameras were off. They were practicing until midnight because they wanted to be good, Vivi didn’t.” Vivi did this because her mom really wanted her. However [Dance Moms] The producers loved Kathy and wanted her on the show at any cost. So they sent me there, you know. I didn’t want to be there and Kathy and I never really cared about each other, so in the beginning, we had to pretend. “

Jill continued to share that she felt Cathy was only a part of it Dance mom Cast to be on TV. “Kathy was tough, she was tough,” Jill admitted. “She doesn’t like me because I have a sense of who I was when I saw her. She was using the system, she just wanted to be on TV and her baby on TV, that’s my opinion. I think Kathy was all for the wrong reasons, just to be a fool, and you know, all of us throw nuts and it worked. “

‘Dance Momz’ is currently streaming on Hulu

While it is true that Kathy seemed to be fluttering her wings with her mother and Miller, we cannot deny that she created a happy and entertaining edition. Dance mom Cast. It is now understood that Miller welcomed Kendall back to the team even after his tenure at the Candy Apple team. If you want to revive the play, choose the season Dance mom Currently streaming on Hulu.

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